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Upon searching the internet for political related articles to read to pass the time. I came upon this site "" and the contents on the "politics" section were extremely degrading towards the American people and American soldiers.

Here is just a small example of the contents:

"The motive for joining the army then cant be defending your country. If the pay is terrible, why would anyone sign up. Very simple. Enlistees can kill people, mostly women and children. They can rape, murder and torture with almost no chance of legal prosecution. They are motivated by sadistic lust no matter what other crap they spout as a cover"

"American Soldiers are Just Serial Killers
So an American soldier today is just a serial killer smart enough not likely to get caught, like the Kevin Kostner character in the movie Mr. Brooks. Please excuse me if I dont pretend to grieve when one of these men (or women) bites the big one. He got damn well what he deserved. May he rot in hell for eternity for his crimes against the children of Iraq. He is not a soldier. He has nothing in common with the men who fought in WW II. He has much more in common with a hired killer. It is revolting the way people treat him with the respect as if he were truly a soldier. That false undeserved respect is the ultimate disrespect for those who did give their lives for a just cause."

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"Why I Despise Most Americans
I get email all the time from Americans claiming to be puzzled why I despise America. Let me spell it out more clearly.

1. On 2001-10-07 the USA attacked Afghanistan unprovoked. It is an international war crime to aid or abet such an aggressive war. Nearly all Americans support that illegal war.
2. On 2003-03-20 the USA attacked Iraq unprovoked. It is an international war crime to aid or abet such an aggressive war. Colin Powell presented counterfeit evidence of Iraqs alleged nuclear weapons at the UN to justify the preemptive attack. Nearly all Americans supported that illegal war. They only had second thoughts when the costs in dollars and American lives mounted, not because they had an attack of conscience.
3. America routinely tortures detainees in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is illegal by the Geneva conventions. Only a handful of Americans made any protest.
4. Americans killed over hundred thousand civilians, mostly children. Targeting civilians is illegal by the Geneva conventions. Nearly all Americans excuse this behaviour.
5. The American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are in no way defending the USA. They are fighting to control oil. The attraction of the war to soldiers is not the money or the travel, but the appeal of absolute power of life and death over others, the opportunity to maim, rape, kill and plunder without restraint. The soldiers are morally then the equivalent of Mafia hitmen. Nearly all Americans treat them as heroes, on the same plane as those who sacrificed their lives in WWII to protect the USA. This a blasphemy. Nearly all Americans support president Bush in thumbing his nose at the world court, and harbouring American war criminals safe from prosecution. America forces other countries to violate their treaty duty to prosecute war criminals on their soil.
6. Americans use banned weapons such as Napalm, white phosphorus, cluster bombs and depleted uranium to kill slowly and painfully.
7. The Bush administration gradually whittled away at constitutional right after constitutional right with a mere peep of protest. America is a nation of cowards. A people afraid to lift a finger to defend the constutition dont deserve to have such an exemplary constitution.

I cant understand how anyone could be proud to belong to a country that degenerate. It is like being proud of being a German in the time of Hitler.

My anger and contempt are based on the above seven recent behaviours of Americans. I have nothing inherent against Americans per se, just the majority of Americans who support these wrongful acts. My room mate is an American and my ex is an American. They dont support the mayhem."

Source (

Any person that has a slight amount of common sense could tell that the author of this site is a media/conspiracy theory fanatic. You can tell that the bases of his debates as to why he claims that American soldiers are serials killers are pretty much media oriented.

Here are some reason as to why the author of this website encourages people not to enlist in the US Military.I won't post all of it because it's a lot of bullshit you have to read through.

Reason 9: You will be routinely ordered to kill civilians and children, and commit other violations of the Geneva conventions, according to 12-year Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey. Once you are in the military, resisting is very difficult. You will be shot or imprisoned, and treated extremely badly if your conscience awakens. American soldiers have already killed 100,000 civilians, mostly children, and that was before Fallujah. You will kill them to. That is what soldiers do, kill people they are ordered to. If you dont believe me, have a long talk with some vets about their experiences. Keep in mind they wont be proud of it, and wont leap to tell you what they have done.

Reason 11: If you are very unlucky you may be ordered to participate in the raping of young Iraqi boys and preparing kiddie porn videos of the rapes for Bush.

Reason 16: Presuming you are a believer in punishment in the afterlife, since you will be killing innocent civilians, mostly children, you will without doubt be condemning yourself to eternal damnation. That dread will hang over your head the rest of your life.

Reason 17: When you get back, your government will treat you like shit. They reneged on veterans benefits, housing, health care, rehab

Reason 18: When you return, many people will spit on you and treat you like shit. They will call you baby killer and baby rapist. You will receive ever increasing abuse over your lifetime as the horrors and injustice if the Iraq war surfaces. If you travel outside the USA, it will be even worse.

Reason 26: Thousands of people will show up to the funeral of a Mountie or firefighter killed in the line of duty. Only close family and a few military personnel will turn up for a funeral of a military hit man (aka soldier). Further, many people will spit on your grave or curse you with their dying breaths to rot in hell for eternity. If you want to be considered a hero, you must save lives, not take them.

Reason 31: Many people enlist to commit murder because they want the educational assistance programs promised after their term is up. When you later go to university, either in classes or in contact with informed students, you will be forced to confront the fact you are a war criminal who have committed a capital crime and fully deserve the death penalty, and that there are people all over the world working to prosecute you, just as there were people who worked for decades to track down the Nazi war criminals. You will be shunned. You will quite possibly come to hate yourself, just as Viet Nam vets did. Right now the government is pumping out propaganda at a furious pace to suck more people into signing up for the war. Once the wars are over, there will be no need to continue that. The government will abandon the vets like a dirty tampon, just the way they did the Viet Nam vets, not even giving them medical care, much less the constant stream of lies to salve their consciences. You fully deserve that fate. You knew damn well there was no justificiation for murder. You did it for fun.

Here is his reasons for you to enlist:

You get to loot, kill, rape, torture children, adults, grandparents, animals your pleasure with almost no chance you will spend time in jail for it. Unlike civilian serial killers, you might even get a medal for your exploits and you can brag about them freely to anyone with the stomach to listen. Of course, if you partake in the Iraq war, you automatically become an international war criminal, but at least for the time being, the USA is successfully blocking the court at the Hague from prosecuting American war criminals. Unfortunately, as the USA loses its #1 superpower status, it may no longer have the will protect you. Because there is no statute of limitations for war crimes, you will need shielding until you die a natural death.
If you cant get a job, there is always the army. If you are short of cash, the first thing that comes to mind to any red blooded American boy is to kill someone to improve the situation. It never occurs to him that stealing from someone is a lesser imposition that killing them. It also never occurs there is far more shame in butchering a child, for any reason, than pushing a broom.
If you cant any respect, a uniform may help. Ignorant people might confuse you with a WW II vet who actually risked his life to protect his country. Many people will unthinkingly give respect to anyone in uniform, even if the joined out of purely selfish sadistic motives.
You hate freedom. You consider yourself such a dufus that you think somebody else can run your life for you better than you can. You want to be told what to do in minute detail.
The thought of fit, sweaty young men couped up in a tent without a fresh change of underwear gives you an erection. Maybe without competition from women, you might just get lucky. At least you can hear and watch them whacking off in their bunks at night.
The free hat offers various recruiting incentives including a free hat and video games.
Some of you have invested heavily in ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Monsanto, Titan, CSC, Kellogg Brown & Root, Bechtel, the Carlyle Group, ChevronTexaco, Unocal etc. The more the war flares, the more money you make. You want to go to Iraq personally to see what you can do to keep the war rolling. You want to do everything you can to inspire revenge against the USA with the most evil deeds you or anyone else can possibly conceive. If you succeed, the war will never end.
Travel to Iraq, the modern day name for Mesopotamia, the birthplace of human civilisation. Let your inner vandal out. Destroy precious artifacts thousands of years old. Think what fun target practice would be on stonework that Alexander the Great walked on. Previously you may have thought only the Taliban could get away with mass scale vandalism.
The USA has spent $300 billion on the Iraq war and there are no accountants keeping track. This means huge opportunities for corruption if you keep your eyes open.
If you survive your 2+ tours in Iraq, you might negotiate a scholarship.

One of the most distasteful comments made on this site from the author is "I dont really give a fig personally about US soldiers who die. Those US soldiers voluntarily chose the profession of hired killers. They kill for thrills and money, not because they are defending their country. I care about civilians, especially children, of any nationality or religion."

Source (

These are just a few examples of what this man comes up with. He should be stopped, because lunatics who exaggerate like this is why we have problems in this world. The author of this site should be stopped from spreading his atrocious philosophies. War is a nasty business. Doing good comes with a great price...

A marine responded to this mans retardation and I couldn't have said it better..

Cpl Smith USMC said...
First off there is no law that says the US allows torture and second I must say, you cannot believe everything you read. The news is set up to make money just like every other business and unfortunately bending the truth sells. As far as US military personnel not knowing the truth...we have access to the same news as everyone else. Its called the Internet. Regardless of whatever decisions are being made that might not suit everyone by our government we give our oath to do what we are ordered to do. That is what the military is and always has been about. Even Canada.To say that the US military rapes and murders women and children is completely ridiculous. I am not saying isolated incidents have not happened but if you check the same news that you are using to push your ideas of corruption you will find that that has happened in every war involving every country that was..well for lack of a better word involved in the conflict including Canada. There is no way to weed out every bad seed when you are talking about building an Army of millions it is impossible. But to go off making it sound like thats the sole reason for the entire US military being in Iraq or elsewhere is completely ridiculous. There is more good being done in Iraq and Afghanistan than they have experienced in decades and it is because of our efforts and sacrifices. Furthermore, saying that it had anything to do with oil is just as ridiculous, have you seen the oil prices lately that the US is paying? Exactly what benefit are we getting out of so called taking over these countries as far as oil is concerned? We could have taken Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and whoever else over with ease many, many years ago but we did not. I must admit that I am partial to the Military because I was a member and I served two tours in Iraq and never saw any rape or torture, I did see innocent civilians killed but I ask you to show me any war where that has not happened. Just one, take your pick and please prove me wrong. I agree that our government has made bad decisions but I cannot think of one that has ever been perfect. I also agree the US is overdue for a change in our leadership because the one we have going for us now is taking us in what I believe is the wrong direction but they are not out to destroy or overtake anyone. I believe that in their heart of hearts they are or were doing what they believe is right however it might have turned out. I would like to ask you what you think would be a better course regarding Iraq and Afghanistan; exactly what is it we need to do human beings to make their situation better? Do we leave them untrained and unable to protect themselves from the people bombing and killing the people for no good reason? I honestly dont have a better solution; it would be like leaving them to the wolves. Had we not done anything then we would have a leader that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children (far more than have ever been done wrong by US troops) to hope he doesnt get bored or pissed off at one or a group of people and decide he wanted to break out his arsenal again. Exactly how do you fix a situation that is completely screwed up without pissing a few people off? I dont think it can be done because everyone thinks they could have done it better. But no one else has even cared to tryincluding Canada. I agree our reasons for going in had some selfish motivation behind it but it was not oil, it was getting the tyrant out of power, the tyrant that has attacked several innocent neighbors because of his greed for oil and land. Just my two cents.or maybe a dollar but I have seen first hand from the time the invasion started to almost two years later the difference our help has made. The Iraqi people for the most part do not hate us, they applaud us. They may feel like they are in a stale mate but its better than check mate which is what they have been in for the last 30+ years. At least they can see the light. God Bless the USA and its Allies..including Canada.

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