All the Friggin' Stat People out there sign now

To: All the Friggin' Stat People out there
that want to close down Ripped-Shitt!

Get a Friggin' Grip!!
I wish you people would think before you speak!
I know, it's a hard concept to grasp
for some of you, but please try!

If any of you have been on the internet for a few years
then you are already aware of "Copyrights!" AM I WRONG?!?

I'll get to the point...Your so called stationery for
Incredimail and also OE are in jeopardy also. It doesn't
matter "who" made the stationery ... the pictures, fonts,
(backgrouds, textures in some) and music are ALL made by
other people (unless you have specifically made "ALL" the
elements of your stationery yourself) and not the one making
the actual stationery. THAT IS ALSO STEALING if you want
to get technical about this!! I'm not talking about the
stuff you guys got permission from, but all the other
stuff that you are using w/o permission and such. The stuff
that you were unable to get permission
(or downright refused to) from to use.

Try real hard here to not deny (Cuz some of you will till your dying day)
that you actually "did" steal from someone else along the line.
We all know the truth!!!

Let me put it to you this way... Does everyone want me to start
reporting them for the fonts, music, graphics and whatever else
I can find, that are being obtained "Illegally" (just to make
your precious stationery) and are being used in MOST of the pics
and such that go into your stationery making? Cuz we can start
gettin' picky on ya'll too! You guys have gotta stop screaming
and whining about crap that you're not going to have any control
over now or in the future!! You put it out there willingly so stop
pissin' and moanin' that's it's been stolen, ripped or whatever!

Also...another thought for ya's...YOU CAN'T TAKE "ANY OF IT" WITH
YOU WHEN YOU DIE!!!!!! At least I haven't seen anyone do it yet!!
What are ya gonna do, will it to your kids or family after you're gone?
Please, be for real here ladies!! I understand that you put allot
of hard work and stuff into them but please...Come on!

Also, there is another reason for the ripping.
Some of it is actually not intentional. Yeah, I said it. They
get ripped by accident.
Case in point....
If any of you have the little program called "Mailbag Assistant",
then you would already know that the program itself actually
does all the ripping for you when you go to extract all of the
attachments. I don't know about any of you, but I know from my own
experience with the program (due to the amount of groups that I am in),
that when it extracts the attachments there may be somewhere in
the vicinity of 13,000 graphics and such in one extraction. I
myself don't have the time nor the patience to go back thru
all those graphics and such to put your precious stationery
back together again. If the pictures and such are nice enuf
to send back out, then they do get sent but on an "AS IS" policy only!!
I'll continue to do it that way as long as the program continues
to extract that way.

And one more thought as I come to a close...Maybe some of you that
think you're so smart and "know it all" should start thinking about
the way you name your pictures and such before making your stationery.
You modify your precious little pics in whatever paint program you
use and then you name them something like... "untitled01,02", or
image01,02 or just a number and so on. Even your precious little
embedded pics get named..."EMBEDDED" followed by a sequence of
numbers (i.e. Embedded01, Embedded02 and so forth).
This happens automatically in Mailbag Assistant. There just ain't no
name for the pic, so stop asking to not change the file names or whatever.

You will also, always get some stupid person out there on the WWW claiming
your stuff as their own. Hang that one up also! Who really cares? You
yourself know who actually made it. Must you make a big stink of it and go
whining and crying all over the net? What actually does that solve? So far
I've seen that it does nothing but fuel the fire. If you're a glutten for
punishment then go ahead and keep whining, it's up to you, but ya look and
sound just as stupid as the person claiming it.
And please, please, please, make your tags and stats and whatever not so
easy to modify. You know the ones. ^EG^ The ones that you can change the
names and wording on easily. It's so much fun having someone else do
all the work just so I (and others) can just erase the name, clone or
whatever and put our own stuff on it.

Oh and I also everyone making those so called "font previews"
and stating that they must accompany the font as it gets passed around
from group to group can kiss my ass! If I go to the website that the font
came from, I'm not gonna be gettin' your cute little preview with it so
stop stating, demanding and also putting in a TOU in the zip/rar ( yep,
some of you do that also)that they must go around with the font.
I understand that ya'll like to make the previews but don't force them
down someone elses throat when you share. To save on space some of us
don't sve them.

Just so you know...none of you and I mean NONE, actually know who I am.
You can all guess and make spectulations (CUZ WE ALREADY KNOW YOU
BIDDY BODIES WILL) all you want, but you actually have no idea who I
really am and you aren't going to find out! Just remember that this is
the internet and not the real world so what you think you know may not
be at all what it seems! So go right ahead and make new friends and such
out here, but are any of them actually your friend?

Unknown and Anonymous

P.S. And don't forget that we can keep opening
up new groups that will continue to rip your
shit apart in the future.
Closing just one group won't help.
So why bother closing it at all just because
your panties are in a bunch?

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