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Dear Pope,
You should have wished us a good thanksgiving day, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year instead of:
saying something like this but they should be respected. What the hell have you been teaching and preaching all your life? Shouldnt we all be respected, no matter if we are homosexual or heterosexual, black or white, Muslim, Jew or Christian, no matter your religion, race, the color of your skin is? Shouldnt we ALL be respected? That thing that Vatican pointed about homosexuals is simple hypocrisy. Im not talking against gays, Im talking against hypocrisy in the whole world, that is my fight.
Day after day we have to deal with lies that have been told since the very first human born.
I have some homosexual friends. What can I say about them? The best!!! They have a good heart, they are good examples to follow.
If you really followed Jesus Christ, I guess you should have learned not to judge, but to stretch out your hands to others, that actually you dont do.
Being homosexual or heterosexual doesnt say anything about a person, anything! What makes a person is what that person has inside is heart. And what we have inside our hearts can be good or bad, can make us good or bad persons. And that good or bad persons can be Jew, Christian, Muslim, people with no religion at all, homosexuals, heterosexuals. Its peoples hearts that defines what they are! You can use the arguments you want, defending your point of view, no matter what you say can repair what you have done.
Discrimination, exclusion. Arent we all sons of God? If that God is so good shouldnt he love all his kids? A good father loves all is kids. A bad father puts some of them aside, judges, point a finger, does cruel things that a good father shouldnt do. What the Catholic Church (and other religions) have done through history... crusades, Inquisition, burned people alive basing the actions in unproved things. Is the Inquisition (also known as the Holy Office) returning? I guess yes. Is hypocrisy growing up more everyday? Yes. Do we need that? NO! Are heterosexual better than homosexual? NO! I just want to tell you something Mr. Rat zinger (also know has the Pope), people can live together in peace, in all the world, if they respect each other, if they really have an open heart and mind. Your way of life is not better than mine, better than gays way of life.
Religions are full of crap. Live and let live. And you arent respecting homosexuals.
By the way, if you want to represent Jesus way of life, get out of you room and Vatican walls, stop living with all the gold, with all the works of art, with all the arrogance and opulence. Jesus wasnt rich, he didnt had all those futilities you have in Vatican. Sell them and raise money for the poor. Do something like a great man like Bob Geldof (for example) did with Live8. I dont see you doing something like this. You may talk about poverty (for example), but you dont do nothing against it. Religion has nothing to do with love. Religion is judgment, religion is conforming, religion is suffering, religion is a establishment; Love does not divide. There is no dignity in suffering.
With your last acts youre making a division, gays to one side, hetero to other, supposed bad people to one side, good Christians to another... Stop Hypocrisy!!! Stop using false arguments.
I saw a priest last night on the TV saying that most homosexuals are pedophile. That is so untrue, that is bullshit! Dont we have heterosexuals that are pedophile too?... Why you keep hiding your lies with more lies? If a murderer goes to talk with a priest and confess that he killed, what will the church do? The church will hide the murderer asking him just to say some prayers to save his soul... because the priest can't reveal what have been told him in a confession... even a crime.
Actions speak louder than words, and your actions are just telling that heterosexuals are better than homosexuals. Are you really sure?...
Looking at your eyes, I never saw the eyes of a good man, but the eyes of another man that just wants to stay in history.
I dont want to stay in history, I just want to make the world a better
place for me and all my brothers and sisters, no matter if they are black or white, gay or straight, Christian, Jew or Muslim. Think if you really are a good follower of Jesus. Jesus was a good man in his own way, in his own time. That is what we all should be (in our own time), to live in a better world, to make the world a better place for you and for me, and the entire human race.
Stop helping bad men destroy our world. George W.Bush, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, and others are/ were more than enough. Are power, hypocrisy, money, gold, oil, discrimination... good things?...
Im not religious but I thank all days for the sun light, for the flowers, birds, for the nature, for life, for all the good things we have that some men are just forgetting. Do you thank for it?
What does the Vatican do for world peace, for example. I guess that it just talks. Till some years ago the Vatican owned a gun factory. Guns dont make peace.
Still talking about homosexuals... some religious people say that the marriage was never denied to homosexuals... if they marry with a person from the opposite gender. Is it fair to the other person? Why the so called religious people still defend lies and hypocrisy? You can see a very religious person saying this, being hypocritical on a Portuguese newspaper called Diбrio do Minho from October 22, 2005.
By the way, a lot of the works of art that Vatican owns were done by homosexuals. Shouldnt you avoid these too?...
I know people that are homosexual and they have a great heart, and I also know heterosexuals that are so mean, so bad at heart.
You are dividing, condemning with no valid reason; everybody should be loved with no limitations.
Difference shouldnt be condemnation. Dont promote ignorance! Instead of separating; unit people/ the world.
Will the Catholic Church, within a hundred years, ask for forgiveness for what they did to homosexuals in the past? The same Church that said sorry some years ago for what they did in the past; the same church that was started by men, that a long time ago discriminated women, saying that that their own role was to serve men only (cook and...).
Do you agree with what Hitler did to Jews, homosexuals...? youre not killing them, but putting them aside is not better.
This petition was made against hypocrisy. Everybody that doesnt agree with that the Vatican did, please sign it. No matter if youre gay or straight, black or white, Christian, Jew or Muslim. Only an open mind and heart are needed. I just hope this helps them to open their eyes, hearts, souls and mind.
I believe in good.
you may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one. I hope someday you will join us and the world will live has one. Dedicated to two friends of mine, that are great, and to people that is discriminated. Lose fear but dont lose hope! Together we can still make the world a better place, a place were nobody is discriminated

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