A Real Right of Return Petition for the Palestinian Refugees sign now

Affirmation of the Right of Return of the Palestinian
Arab People to their

We the Palestinian, Arab, and International
signatories to this Declaration,

Cognizant of the facts that AS A RESULT OF THE ZIONIST

Our people have been expelled from their homes in 531
towns and villages in
Palestine in 1948 by Zionist military forces, and
their lands, comprising
92\% of "Israel", have been confiscated,

Our people have endured 51 years of foreign
occupation, exile, ravages of
war, oppression, denial of national identity and
racism and have been the
victim of the largest ethnic cleansing operation,
unprecedented in modern
history designed to replace them with Jewish
immigrants from all over the

Two thirds of our people, over five million refugees
and uprooted, represent
the largest and oldest group of refugees in the world,

In spite of overwhelming international consensus
supported by hundreds of UN
resolutions, our people are still unable to fulfill
their natural right to
return home,

Therefore we affirm the following,

The right of the Palestinian refugees and the uprooted
to return to their
homes is a fundamental right under the Universal
Declaration of Human
Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights, the
International Convention on the Elimination of All
Forms of Racial
Discrimination, the European, the American and the
African Conventions on
Human Rights,

The right of the Palestinian refugees and the uprooted
to return to their
homes is an inalienable right and has been affirmed by
the UN resolution No
194 over 110 times since 1948,

The Right of Return is derived first and foremost from
RIGHT TO THE LAND OF PALESTINE, then from the sanctity
of private ownership
which cannot be extinguished by new sovereignty or
occupation and does not
have a statute of limitation;

The Right of Return is essentially a collective
national as well as an
individual right which cannot be delegated,
diminished, reduced or forfeited
by any representation on behalf of the Palestinians in
any agreement or

Accordingly, we hereby declare that,

We absolutely do not accept or recognize any outcome
of negotiations which
may lead to an agreement that forfeits any part of the
right of
return of the refugees and the uprooted to their
homes from where they were
expelled in 1948, or their due compensation, and we do
not accept
compensation as a substitute for return,

We demand due reparations for the psychological
suffering, the material
losses and damages and War Crimes which the refugees
endured for 51 years in
accordance with international law and legal

As we sign here, members of the Palestinian people
from all walks of life,
including the refugees in the Palestinian territory
occupied in 1967 where
29\% live, and the rest scattered in the rest of the
world, in addition to
the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians evictees who
are residing
currently within the so-called Green Line as the
Zionists refuse to allow
them back to their villages occupied in 1948,

Appeal to fair-minded people, human rights advocates,
the international
community, the United Nations, and the world
governments, particularly those
who were involved in the Palestinian tragedy, to
recognize and support by
all available means the right of the Palestinians to
return home.

Finally we emphasize that there is no real peace
without the LIBERATION OF
HOMELAND, and that restitution and the settlement of
refugees outside
Palestine, are unacceptable alternatives to Palestine.

Add your signature at the following addresses:
Ibrahim Alloush [email protected]
Ziad el Jishi [email protected]
Ibrahim Ebeid [email protected]

Or fax Abdallah Hammoudeh in Jordan at: 962-6-4640591
Or Dr. Adel Samara in Palestine at: 97022980903

Some of the signatories of the amended petition:
Bahjat Abu Gharbiyah, Jordan
Dr. Anis Sayigh, Lebanon
Bassam Al Shaka, Palestine
Dr. Adel Samara, Palestine
Ahmad Qatamesh, Palestine
Abdul Qadir Yassin, Egypt
Ibrahim Ebeid, the United States
Abdallah Hammoudeh, researcher, Jordan
Dr. Huda Fhakoury, Jordan
Naji Alloush, Jordan
Jawad Unis, Jordan
Ali Hattar, Jordan
Laith Shubeilat, President of the Association against
Zionism and Racism,
Dr. Tariq Kayyali, Jordan
Dr. Subhi Ghosheh, Jordan
Hassan Khrashieh, Legislative Council, Palestine
Fakhri Qawar, President of Jordanian Writers
Association, Jordan
Salah-eddin Hafez, General Secretary of Arab
Journalists, Egypt
Abdul Khaleq Lashin, writer,Egypt
Muhammad Abu Mazar (Abu Hatem), Jordan
Ahmad Shaker Doudeen, Legislative Council, Palestine
Mouawiah Al Masri, Legislative Council, Palestine
Dr. Yahya Shawar, Palestine
Fakhri Tourkman, Palestine
Ra'fat Annajar, Legislative Council, Palestine
Dr. Ali Abu Reesh, Palestine
Dr. Abdul Rahim Kitaneeh, Palestine
Waheed Al Hamdallah, elected Mayor, Palestine
Hafez Touqan, Palestine
Joudat al Barghouthi, Jordan
Khalil Sawahri, writer, Jordan
Nabila Saleh, writer, Jordan
Hamad Hajjawi, writer, Egypt
Hala Mansour, writer, Egypt
Bissan Edwan, writer, Egypt
Suleiman M. Tura'ani, Jordan
Fatmeh Hussien Al Zou'bi. Jordan
Osama Suleiman Tura'ani, USA
Ala Suleiman Tura'ani, Jordan
Nancy Suleiman Tura'ani, Jordan
Lina Suleiman Tura'ani, Jordan
Khalil Mustafa Tura'ani, Jordan
Nayef Mustafa Tura'ani, Jordan
Kawthar Musbah Arar, Jordan
Ibrahim Shaiq Ibrahim, Jordan
Iman Raja Al Hourani, Jordan

The editors of the Free Arab Voice, as well as
hundreds of signatures
This petition is currently being signed by thousands
across the camps of
Jordan and elsewhere. Add yours too at the addresses
For more info. visit the Free Arab Voice at www.fav.net

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