A Plea for Clemency, Mercy & Justice We the Undersigned, Oppose the Wrongful Conviction of Dexter L. Dixon sign now

We the undersigned, oppose the wrongful conviction and sentencing of Dexter L. Dixon.

There is a 30 year old African American honor student Dexter L. Dixon in Halifax, Virginia who is spending seventy-three years (73) in prison for allegedly driving an automobile in a murder case. Although a jury found him guilty of murder and robbery and possession of a firearm, he was never proven guilty to any of it. In the plea of innocence, Dexter L. Dixon was never at the crime scene, didnt know the victims, had no weapon, had no motive, and never robbed anyone. All accusations were based upon the testimony of a pre-convicted murder and felon, JJ Powell, who actually confessed under oath that Dexter L. Dixon wasnt involved in any plans to rob or murder anyone. I quote; He had nothing to do with it ? Thats right. Also there was a passenger with Dexter L. Dixon who wasnt charged with anything and was never questioned or used as a witness.

I believe the result is a horrible injustice especially because JJ Powell, a prior murderer and felon, was given 240+ years for alleged crimes and Judge Leslie Osborne suspended all but 18 years. Thus, JJ Powell will be out within seven to nine years and all previous time served counts consecutively.

In August 2003, Dexter L. Dixon, was a senior in college at Danville Community College, Danville Virginia. Dexter would have earned a dual Associates Degree in Engineering and Computer Aided Drafting Design. He had a 3.8 grade point average and was on the Deans list consecutively. He is the loving father of six children and an adopted infant nephew. He is the Senior Warden of St. Mark Masonic Lodge of Alton, VA. He is a devout Christian and musician in his local church. He has served in the US Army as a soldier and has been a mentor to many troubled youth in the community.

While the jury charged him guilty of multiple acts, they had no idea of the consequences that would impact the community and his family. They assumed that the judge would suspend some of the time but it didnt happen for Dexter like it did for JJ Powell his codefendant. And now we have been informed that there was a mental unstable juror who pleaded that Dexter was innocent but the rest persuaded him and a few others to plead guilty.

The entire trial was a political propaganda that only expressed to the public and the community how young African Americans are injustly treated within the court systems of Halifax County. In the DEAs own words who was the prosecutor and sat on the stand stated under oath that; We never intended for Dexters trial to go that far. And never intended forhim to get more than 3 to 5 years.

I ask, how can a young man with no prior criminal record, a good community citizen, a student, a father, and a loving Christian husband get seventy three years in prison for crimes that he never committed?

He needs your help and support. His family needs your help and support. Please take a stand with us and help fight this injustice and cry Clemency, Freedom, Mercy and Justice for all.

This is an opinion petition and as such can be signed by any person of any age living in any state or country. If you agree, please sign this petition and forward it to as many others as you know.

In our country, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Our dearly beloved has pleaded innocent and has provided legal representation to support. If a person is to be charged with a crime, isn't it supposed to be based on FACT and not speculation or suspicion? The true facts of this case are that Dexter Lamont Dixon is being sentenced to seventy-three years in prison for the acts committed and not PROVEN by JJ Powell and Verlie Word.
True FACT is that the two off three passengers with Mr. Dixon got out of his car into the car of two other men that he did not know. He picked Mr. Word and Powell up at a location where they told him.
2.) Fact: Mr. Dixon was not at the crime scene, had no weapon, had no drugs, and never communicated with the victims.
3.) Fact: Mr. Dixon had no knowledge of what took place and had no involvement of what Mr. Powell and Word had done.
4.) Mr. Dixon testified that he had no knowledge or planning of what took place.
5.) Mr. Powell, while on trial and under oath, testified that Mr. Dixon had nothing to do with what he and Mr. Word had planned and did; also, Mr. Word and Troy Harris, passenger with Dexter, told their lawyers that Mr. Dixon had nothing to do with what took place.
6.) Mr. Dixon turned himself in and wasn't apprehended as the media portrayed.
7.) Mr. Dixon's picture was falsely, slanderously, and inappropriately put into the county's Virginia Gazette Newspaper along with other drug felons and was on the front page that was utilized as a tactic tool of persuasion towards his conviction.
8) Mr. Dixon was offered an unreasonable plea bargain at which was retracted several times, forcing him to go to trial; especially after his two codefendants pleaded guilty and thus Mr. Green Backer, State Prosecutor, did not need Dexter's testimony to convict Verlie Word as the trigger man.
9.) Mr. Dixon never admitted to or testified to taking part in the alleged crimes, he actually pleaded innocent to the crimes that they charged him with (that were the same as the other two codefendants who were the actual felons).
10) Troy Harris, a passenger and eye witness to Mr. Dixon's un-involvement was never summoned as a witness, and he himself was not tried for his accompanying as a passenger.
11) Two young ladies who accomplished Mr. Word and Powell with negotiating arrangements, deals, date, and time with the victims were not summoned as witnesses or even tried for their involvement in the crime.
12) The case was introduced to the public one week before the Prosecutor's re-election campaign.
13) Mr. Dixon was falsely and slanderously mentioned in the Sheriff's Campaign a month later to support his re-election!
14) There were several other witnesses who stated that someone else committed the murders. (Evidence)
15) Someone testified that they saw the entire crime happen and stated that others were the persons responsible after conducting a drug transaction. (Evidence)
16) The entire trial was convicting and portraying Mr. Dixon as if he actually was at the crime scene and committed the murders along with Mr. Powell and Word; thus as we know, he was never present. Facts: How can you justify Mr. Powell, a previously convicted murderer and felon, receiving only 18 years for his involvement in the crimes and will only have to serve 5 to 7 yrs of the total time that was actually lessoned from 240+ years? Wasn't even published on television, newspaper, or media.
Mr. Dixon wasn't even at the scene, had no weapon, had no drugs, didn't know the two victims, never was involved, and never hurt anyone. Fact: We have a man who is a father to six beautiful children and has adopted his infant nephew, a husband to one wife who has a deceased husband, a military veteran, a dual major college graduate in mechanical engineering, a devoted Christian Church Musician, and a devoted Senior Warden officer at St. Mark Scottish Rite Lodge, A Royal Arch member of Eureka Lodge in Richmond, VA and a devoted loving son, brother, and one whom the community loves very well. Even the jail guards and inmates currently state that; " This young man has no business in jail and that it's wrong the way that they are treating him as a murderer." Now we have facts that a mental unstable juror who is depicted and proven to be mentally unstable and handicapped has come forth and stated that he and a few others pleaded innocent for Dexter but were influenced and persuaded by the majority to say "Guilty."
Please help support our love one and cry out with us Clemency, Mercy, and Justice. We have contacted the NAACP, Governor, Congress, and the Senate on this matter. We have spent over $100,000 in legal fees and we haven't given up hope, faith, or justice. If you ask any person who is not, biased, about whether or not Dexter Dixon should receive seventy-three years in prison, I guarantee you that they would say NO! For supporting fact, just look at the thousands of Halifax County signatures on the petition documents filed in the Halifax County Court House. "If a man is innocent until proven guilty, then bring me some water and let me wash my hands because I don't want to be guilty of sentencing this innocent man?"

The Dixon Family
1044 Bessie Marion TR.
Halifax, Virginia 24558

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    Dexter is my first cousin he is a good person. He is need at home,also everyone that loves him is missing him.
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    I am so sorry to the family I myself was given an unfair sentence an I fight everyday because of my record. I will pray for you an your son best of luck I will pass this on.
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    I support this petition
  • 10 December 2014180. Roderick Lw
    Dexter is a good guy a hard working and fair man.JJ and Verlie stated that Dexter had no knowledge of the crime.I know all these guy and can safely say murders mot Dexter's m.o
  • 17 November 2014179. Jose Hugom
    God bless!
  • 29 October 2014178. Grady O
    Don't sign this petition! I have seen pictures of him killing that precious white baby. Hang him!
  • 15 September 2014177. Anita M
    I believe that Mr. Dixon is innocent because I have read the material on this site, and I also believe that Leslie Osborne was very wrong, just like many other judges across this nation no longer believe that you are innocent until proven guilty, and that
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