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Please put your name to the petition to request the powers that be to implement the Marshall Plan for relief for the Tsunami disaster victims.
This is also an opportunity for the world to show that such rebuilding money can be used to alleviate the two thirds of us that starve without the ill effects that bankers and economists tell us are caused by creating and giving money to those unfortunate people.

The positive aspect of the Tsunami is that there is no one to blame, it respected no colour, creed or political persuasion and this is the reason why the whole world as one nation is behind support efforts.

Attached is a description of the Marshall Plan where in 1947 the vast sum in those days of US$20billion was created to rebuild Germany and Japan after the War. It was not inflationary since the money did not sit in bank vaults but was actually consumed in the rebuilding process.
The same applies to the Tsunami areas and in fact to the starving regions of the world. We, as humanity, have an obligation to try to alter this and it lies in the control over the creation of money.

In the modern world the creation of money is based on the deposit system. A bank taking a deposit of $8m can then lend out 12.5 times this amount. They have just in an instant created $100m
For example, the creation of US Dollars outside the US was mandated to a handful of non US banks overseen by the Federal Reserve Board (which unlike its name suggests is not US Government owned but owned by private banks; its only Government appointee is its Chairman, currently Alan Greenspan)

This means that however altruistic the US Government may feel about the creation of US Dollars overseas it is powerless as it has handed over this responsibility to the banks. This is the crux of the issue of vested interest at its worst. Whoever heard of a starving man being able to meet the banking criteria as much as he might want or have the skill to get out of his desperate plight.

By putting your name to this petition you will be showing that you understand that there IS another way by the powers that be changing or broadening the money creation system to both rebuild Tsunami destroyed areas and addressing the starving areas of the world in a humanely respectful and orderly way. These decision makers of the world are meeting in the next few days to address the disaster issues and this would be a wonderful time to take something really positive for mankind out of this terrible tragedy.

Rohana Fraval
Susila Dharma Australia
A non denominational Charitable Organisation


On June 5, 1947, Secretary of State George C. Marshall spoke at Harvard University and outlined what would become known as the Marshall Plan. Europe, still devastated by the war, had just survived one of the worst winters on record. The nations of Europe had nothing to sell for hard currency, and the democratic socialist governments in most countries were unwilling to adopt the draconian proposals for recovery advocated by old-line classical economists. Something had to be done, both for humanitarian reasons and also to stop the potential spread of communism westward.

The United States offered up to $20 billion for relief, but only if the European nations could get together and draw up a rational plan on how they would use the aid. For the first time, they would have to act as a single economic unit; they would have to cooperate with each other. Marshall also offered aid to the Soviet Union and its allies in eastern Europe, but Stalin denounced the program as a trick and refused to participate. The Russian rejection probably made passage of the measure through Congress possible. The Marshall Plan, it should be noted, benefited the American economy as well. The money would be used to buy goods from the United States, and they had to be shipped across the Atlantic on American merchant vessels. But it worked. By 1953 the United States had pumped in $13 billion, and Europe was standing on its feet again. Moreover, the Plan included West Germany, which was thus reintegrated into the European community. (The aid was all economic; it did not include military aid until after the Korean War.)

Aside from helping to put Europe back on its feet, the Marshall Plan led to the Schuman Plan, which in turn led to Euratom, then the Coal and Iron Community and the Common Market, and pointed to what may yet evolve into an economically and politically united Europe. In many ways, the Marshall Plan satisfied both those who wanted our foreign policy to be generous and idealistic and those who demanded realpolitik; it helped feed the starving and shelter the homeless, and at the same time stopped the spread of communism and put the European economy back on its feet.

Transcript of the Marshall Plan at:

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