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Open petition to the People of the Northern hemisphere
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We are Northern Indigenous First Nations inherent Property Owners whom have had our Natural Inherent Human Rights As well peaceable enjoyment of our property denied and stolen from us demand immediate controls of our property..
We the traditional people of the Allied indigenous Movement proclaim that the theft of lands and denial of rights of independent free enjoyment of our property and its contents are to be immediately relinquished from present oppressive controls and mechanisms.
We do not recognize the forced systems and governing bodies presently exploiting our territory squatting and assuming ownership while occupying our traditional territories.
We demand the individual bill of sales book from 1862 signed by our grandmothers and grandfathers proving consensual legal sale or transfer of ownership, title of the property lands or territories. The forced colonization has squatted on private property and has no jurisdiction.And the councils put in place are not are traditional leaders but are put in by the colonizers whom conspire in the illegal theft and are a part of the criminal organizations.

We are Northern traditional indigenous persons and now community members who have our natural inherent human rights as well as man made human rights denied. Denied by theft of Lands and Natural Resources as well as human resource. Inherent Traditional Northern hemisphere persons, this is a business world and a new age. In this business world and new order, we see our homelands and our resources as PROPERTY protected and based in thier law. In this business world as that individual indigenous First nations inherent peoples we did not sign any legal document or papers stating that individual inherent indigenous peoples gave legal ownership to any chief or councilors, lawyers, or leaders of
{Y.N.B., YANSI, CYI & CYFN.}or and organization in place to sign our rights away without proper consultation, When voted in and appointed to only propose a land claims package.
We Have never once gave anyone any jurisdiction over our individual or inherit rights.
All of the above mentioned governments are now in Possession of
Theft of our homeland, minerals, oil, gas, forest, faunas, water, fish and wildlife.
Theft of our most valued human resource and inherent rights to all that is presently ccontained within our TRADITIONAL BORDERS, Northerner's demanded a land claims negotiations to be out in the OPEN and this did not happen so therefor we claim it it null and void. Here it is, for every occupant to read and decide if they want A Homeland left for all our future Generations of Grandchildren. In this business World, we are not so STUPID and illiterate as some of our people think. In this business World today we are not so illiterate that we do not know the law that says
We challenge jurisdiction title and accuse those whom do not even honor their Crown.
We have the right to hold those whom are responsible individually liable for the crimes that are being continually committed and offer a community model that collectively take greed to a community level that protects all.

We the Allied Indigenous Movement since 1991 Challenge The constitutional rights we have been denied as property owners to unsurrendered and unceded traditional territories we have always occupied.
We accept no forced jurisdiction and demand a bill of sale proving title. We accuse the systematic genocide and fraudulent title over our property and demand a 75\% yes vote. The individual indigenous rights were not signed over and the individual was not respected consulted or included creating an unfair and illegitimate process making any claim null and void. We claim that all persons and forced systems at present have no jurisdiction and we will file a class action suit against the individuals multinational corporations and criminal organizations responsible for the attempt at the theft of personal property and resources that are not rightfully theirs. We propose a new era of governance and collective greed system that allows for all persons whom occupy our land to be actively involved in a unified community as a nation. We confiscate all infrastructure and all goods and chattels on our property for the nation and will personally sue or extradite any persons that oppose our nation. The allied indigenous movement stands firm on the international rights and wants existing infrastructure to continue but evolve the way monies are spent to enable the collective and keep all the monies locally to fuel the existing community. We propose only a new way because the present way does not work. With a modern twist and a new attitude to work toward self sustainability, we no longer give our power away as property owners but we exercise our rights and will no longer stand by as theft and genocide under a forced rule continues. We close our borders to any immigration and demand no future exports of unfinished product leave our traditional territory. We the work force demand those whom are responsible and in conspiracy to cease and desist and relinquish any goods or chattels and controls to the collective good and only invite them to actively pursue their interests in the new community and nation that already exists. We do not bow down to or have any responsibility to follow those whom oppress us, all , and put the onus on those whom oppose to prove us different in a court of law in the international arena, as we do not recognize or believe a fair nonpartisan court or decision can be reached unless the oppressive colonizers are held responsible by their peers. Within a neutral setting that can only be reached in a international court of law and feel we have extinguished all avenues of resolving this internally. This is now in affect in the traditional territory presently known as Yukon, NWT, BC whom we represent and individually stand up for our own right to assert ourselves and be free as a nation as of this day in the year known as 2005.
We the people educated and collectively stand up for our communities future and realize ther is a better way.

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