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As citizens of the State of Pennsylvania, we believe the sentencing guidelines for those who kidnap, sexually molest, and/or kill children, (any person age 17 and under) are entirely too lenient.

Megans Law was enacted because we as a society recognize that those who prey on children can not be fixed. It is a compulsion that even those at the top of the psychology field have yet to truly understand. There is no cure.

As citizens of Pennsylvania, we are tired of hearing about child predators being released back onto our streets so that they may re-offend.

For example, Kenneth Parnell was sentenced to seven years for the kidnapping and sexual abuse of Steven Staynor. He served only five years before being released. In 2003, Kenneth Parnell was arrested once again for trying to buy a child.

He is only one of many examples.

Ideally, we would like to see all child predators sentenced to no less than life in prison without the possibility for parole. However, we understand that changes like that will probably never happen.

As a result, we, the undersigned, demand our state legislators vote into law the following realistic changes to the sentencing guidelines:

Child Kidnapping: 25 years to life

Child Molestation: 25 years to life with a minimum of 25 years to be served before becoming eligible for parole. Paroled offenders are to remain on parole for the entirety of their remaining years of life. A 2nd criminal conviction for any offense against a child will result in an automatic sentence of life with out parole.

1st degree murder of a child: Will automatically be a capital offense. This will also include any death of a child as the result of abuse and/or neglect. Conviction will result in a minimum sentence of life without parole and a maximum sentence of death.

Child Rape: Mandatory life without parole.

Child Pornography:
1. Distribution: 25 years to life
2. Simple possession with no intent to distribute: minimum sentence of 15 years.

Children are our most precious resources and require our protection. It is time that predators are stopped from escalating their crimes and re-offending. There is no crime greater than a crime against a child and it is time that the punishments start to fit the severity of the crimes.

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    Put 'em away for life! 18 years and older 44
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    I support this petition
  • 11 February 201441. Albert Guyi
    change the laws
  • 01 February 201440. Danyel V
    this law needs passed
  • 30 September 201339. Andrea C
    Lock em up throw away the key! 18 years and older 31yrs
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    I support this petition
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  • 25 January 201335. Mairead Proctor
    Im seriously scared to walk outside at night and I live in the safe part of my town!
  • 07 August 201234. Jennifer M
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  • 30 March 201233. Kimberly F
    Please make the law tougher on these perverts! 18 years and older 39 yrs of age!
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  • 05 May 201131. Jon O
    married, 32-yrs old, Male, 2 kids. Political Affiliation R
  • 03 February 201130. Lisa K
    I support this petition
  • 09 September 201029. Nancy H
    it's time to think about the victims (the children) not the predators 18 years and older older
  • 01 January 201028. Carl Gardnerj
    I Completely agree!!!!
  • 31 August 200927. Jeannette M
    My heart aches for all of us that have to go through this. 18 years and older 41
  • 13 August 200926. Julie D
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