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Throughout history, as old empires have crumbled, new nations have emerged, braced by the fortitude and determination of courageous people to not make the same mistakes which led to the ruin of the parent state. As we watch our mother country decay and begin its slide toward ruin, it is time for SOUTH CAROLINIANS to stand tall and take their place on the world stage as a free and independent nation.

The act of seceding from our parent country is not one taken lightly, for so much of our culture, our tradition and our very national fiber is rooted in the United States of America. Yet if South Carolina and South Carolinians wish to survive, to prosper and to create a future in which their childrens children have the opportunity to achieve greatness, this long marriage with the United States cannot continue. The reasons for this include:

They have abandoned and now ignore the very Constitution which sought to create limited government and defined individual liberty;

The United States has become a fascist state wherein corporations are enthroned, to quote Abraham Lincoln, and the moneyed interests play upon the prejudices of the people to concentrate all power and wealth increasingly into the hands of the few;

The government of the United States, in concert with multinational corporations which owe allegiance to no nation, and with radical psychologists, has destroyed what was once the best education system in the world by intentionally dumbing it down to play to the lowest common denominator, thus creating three generations of people who lack the ability to comprehend that the U.S. government has no right to do most of the things it is currently doing;

They have openly and willingly disenfranchised responsible citizens by liberalizing voter registration laws and allowing convicted felons to bloat the voter rolls in order to ensure the election of candidates whose political ideas are anathema to responsible citizens, and by preventing the ability to the citizens to challenge the existing two major parties by denying ballot access to new or third parties through unjust restrictions;

They have involved us in a lengthy war which drains our national resources without the Declaration of War required by the Constitution, yet refuse to take the action necessary to promptly win that war, all the while creating new business opportunities for the aforementioned multinational corporations and leading to open corruption and scandal;

They continued to expand social programs never allowed by the Constitution, using those programs to redistribute wealth from those of us who are productive and responsible to those who are unproductive and irresponsible, and in each succeeding Congress expend more and more of our money on projects not allowed by the Constitution for the sole purpose of ensuring that the Congressional sponsors of those projects get re-elected;

They have allowed foreign powers to take control of our national commerce by agreeing to treaties which are economically disadvantageous to the very people they were designed to aid and which have instead enabled multinational corporations to put Americans out of work by shipping jobs to foreign nations, creating a huge trade deficit unlikely to see reversal in our lifetimes;

They have allowed corporations so much unregulated power that our very livelihoods hang on the whims of a few stockholders, and when corruption has been uncovered leading to a catastrophic debacle in the stock market, not one of those responsible has been held accountable and, indeed, many of them have even been instead rewarded!;

In the name of compassion, they have undermined our justice system, giving more and more rights and privileges to thugs, criminals, molesters and murderers than to upright citizens and eliminating our Constitutional guarantee of a speedy trial;

Because so many members of the national and state governments are themselves lawyers, they have obfuscated understanding of most laws and made them impossible for the average person to understand, a fact further compounded by their manipulation of the educational system;

They have allowed nonsensical lawsuits to overrun our civil courts in order to perpetuate their own profits, all the while creating interminable and unacceptable waits for those of us with legitimate causes, thus giving greater weight and authority to the causes of the multinational corporations and the wealthy;

They have allowed a very small segment of the population to cleanse public life of a faith in a Creator, despite the fact that we have a Constitutional right to freely practice any faith we choose;

They have attempted to restrict our Constitutional guarantee to assemble to petition the government for redress of grievances through the creation of a Byzantine bureaucracy, with multiple agencies performing similar tasks and exercising legislative authority through the creation of regulations despite a specific Constitutional guarantee that only Congress shall exercise legislative authority;

They continue to infringe upon our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, with each succeeding generation of government imposing more restrictions on the right of the individual to protect himself and his family, and they have undermined the independence of the militias of the States by federalizing them in further attempt to infringe upon the rights of the individual to bear arms;

They have ignored their duty under the Constitution to defend our borders from invasion, and instead, at the urging of multinational corporations whose only motive is greed, allow thousands of illegal immigrants to cross our border every day without any validation of their credentials, creating a drain on public funds because of their dependence on social services, putting more and more of us out of work by undermining labor structure, and creating a national crime wave because so many of these invaders are in fact criminals in their own native countries. The U.S. government has specifically failed to react to multiple acts of war perpetrated by the government of Mexico, which has sent its soldiers and policemen into our lands to defend the drug lords who destroy our young people;

They have in fact proposed granting amnesty to these invaders of our country, who are here by specific design of their mother country for the purpose of demographically reconquering lands won in fair and just battle more than a century ago, even though every study undertaken on the subject reveals that responsible American citizens virulently oppose such amnesty;

The people of South Carolina have little hope of effecting change in our federal government through the currently-constructed election system; too many Americans are dependent on government handouts and entitlements and thus block any chance of reform, and the federal government has become like the emperors of ancient Rome, too drunk on their own power to ever consider returning to its Constitutional limits and re-establishing the Republic. We hold out hope that the citizens of other States of the Union will see our cause as just and join us as we strike out in a new direction to form a more responsible government, and we call upon the nations of the world to hear our cry for liberty and freedom from the oppression of the United States of America.

Now, therefore, do we, the People of South Carolina, petition Governor Sanford and the Legislature of the State of South Carolina to convene in Special Session at the earliest possible time to consider the Secession of South Carolina from the United States, to form a new Republic under a new Constitution which will prevent the abuse of power by corporations and the irresponsible while ensuring equal justice and opportunity for all.

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