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Hello Nintendo,my name is RaShawn Marshall (Veeshaan Veedakisuke Kuuwashima Shimanuuchi Shimamuura). I believe that a fourth Super Smash Bros. should be made for the Nintendo Wii or for the Gamecube. The gameplay should be similar to Spikeout,the Bouncer,Fighting Force,and Gekido. In my opinion,the following features should be added:
*Alternate opening FMVs
*A much bigger cast of characters
(25-50 aren't gonna do it;expand it to 640)
*A bigger selection of new gameplay modes (expand it to 60)
*The ability to play the game and select between English voice overs (Nintendo's in-house voice actors as well as famous Digimon voice actors like Barbara Goodson,Derek Stephen Prince,Michael Lindsay,etc.) or
Japanese voice overs.
*The addition of the Smash Struggle (similar to the Slugging Shootout
from the Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi series).
*Each character should have a range of special attacks (Super Smash Art Attacks) and super special attacks (Musou Smash Art Attacks).
*The button configuration should be as follows:Light Punch,Medium Punch,
Heavy Punch,Light Kick,Medium Kick,Heavy Kick,Punch x 3,Kick x 3,Punch Counterattack/Punch Throw,Kick Counterattack/Kick Throw,
Super Smash Art Trigger,Musou Smash Art Trigger,Grapple,Jump,Guard.
Novemdectuple,and Vigintuple.
*The battles should take place in real-world environments like nightclubs,
stations,train stations,subway stations,temples,restaurants,parks,villas,
*Each character should have 12 special attacks (1 projectile attack,1 anti-air projectile attack (similar to the Rising Fire [charged version]),2 knockdown combo throw attacks,2 pop-up/knockdown attacks,2 anti-air combo
attacks,2 anti-air knockback combo attack throws,and 2 anti-air attacks) and
12 super special attacks (which are extended versions of the special attacks).
*The combo system should be a mixture of the ones from Spikeout,Dragon Ball
Z Budokai,Viewtiful Joe,and Gekido.
*Hard rock remixed music tracks (including some new themes).
*The game should come with 2 music CDs:The Original Sound Version and the
Remixed/Arranged Version (with all the stage themes minus the jingles) as well as a preview for the new animated tv series The N-One Super Grandprix
*The HUD (Heads-Up Display) should be set-up similar to The Bouncer and Spikeout.
*The modes should have the words Battle,Battle Training,or Training after
*In Adventure Battle,players should select between 32 countries consisting of 20 environments filled with hordes of enemies,mid-bosses,and bosses.
*When starting Adventure Battle or Classic Battle,the number of lives in stock ranges from 1 to 90.
*The characters should be split into two factions:The N-One Super Teamsters
(a league of 320 fighters and the protagonists in the game) and the Super
Darksmash Fighters (another league of 320 fighters and the antagonists in the game).
*The characters can launch endless combinations of punches and kicks (high and mid-high) on the ground or in the air.
*The number of hits (punches and kicks) ranges between 100 and over.
*The Damage Meter is replaced by the traditional Health Meter (which is expanded into three or more bars via Dragonball Z Budokai).
*The fighters engage in 2-out-of 3 or 3-out-of 5 knockout style matches.
*The title should be Super Smash Bros. Butokukai or N-One Super Grandprix Karate Cup:Super Smash Bros. Jissen.
*The Sound Test should be available from the start of the game.
*The characters should be drawn in sort of an anime cartoon style.
*They should be modernized in physical appearance. Ex:Mario's hair is a mix
of Goku in his Super Saiyan and Ultra Super Saiyan forms while Luigi's is a mix of Goku in his Super Saiyan 2 and Ultra Super Saiyan forms. Mario is depicted to be the same size as Luigi. Kirby's physical appearance is a combination of a Makuhita and a Tyrogue. Bowser is depicted with ten fingers and ten toes and wearing a hooded fleece,extra baggy jeans,and sneakers,etc.
*The Koopalings,the Koopa Bros,and the Axem Rangers,Karate Kong,Ninja Kong,Sumo Kong,and Dread Kong as well as other characters make their first official appearances in the game as playable characters.
*The Character Data Section in the Options and Config. mode should show the
fighting style of the character,their special attacks as well as their super special attacks,and the names of the individuals who voice them in the English version and the Japanese version.

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