69 Reasons Conrad Should Go Out With Me sign now

69 reasons Conrad should go out with me!
1. i can recite the alphabet, backwards
2. i once put a spiral straw in the dishwasher, and un-spiraled it, but i fixed it
3. i have no contageous diseases
4. always wins pickle races down the window at mcdonalds
5. can eat ANYTHING as long as it has tomato sauce
6. once won a colourin competition and won a party at kid mania playland
7. will get your milk when u wake up in the middle of the night, quick smart
8. once saw a gigantic kangaroo jump past while waiting at the bus stop, and resisted the urge to wee my pants
9. is *learning* how to knit
10. never lost a game of hungry hungry hippos
11. never squashes ants, even when they are her my pants
12. i plans to buy him a star at the star registry
13. taylor was her favourite hanson (well, after zac)
14. i always catch kisses that are blown to me
15. My teddy bear wants to meet you.
16. ive only ever got my hand stuck in the cinema drink holders once
17. i can tie the stork of a cherry with my tongue
18. yesterday i fooled pizzahut by telling them i had a competitors voucher, but i didnt, and still got cheap pizza
19. my fridge has a high energy rating
20. Mike from big brother up late is our lover
21. im cuddly
22. i think he has a hot bum
23. because im cold and u have a heater in your bedroom
24. we can build our own house coz hes a builder and im gona be an interior designer
25. i once made rudolph a bandana and found it in my mums wardrobe after xmas
26. it only seems kinky the first time
27. even after 6348273782 plays, im still hopin his fave song will grow on me
28. i just bought a cure shirt on ebay for $6.50
29. because....BOOBIES!!! and I put up with his fascination with my ex, WHY DONT U MARRY HIM?
30. i would love to go op shoppin with him
31. lovetest.com said he is 80\% compatable with me
32. andrew g once called me a "sexy thing"
33. if i could do cartwheels, i would
34. i recited "who chooses the cheese that the cheese lovers when u choose the cheese cheese cheese thats the triple cheese, at mcdonalds" and won a free cheese burger in '98
35. i read the small print
36. i used to sleep naked, until the earthquake
37. Rude emoticons on msn just arent my thing
38. i know the capital on new zealand (and its not auckland)
39. mcdonalds didnt hire me, coz i dont play sport and therefore am not a "team player"
40. you dont want to go down in history as the one who let *Lauren Ribbon* get away
41. i give money to the salvos
42. this year was the first time i could get to sleep on xmas eve
43. im so nice i LET you win when we play solitare showdown
44. i can do the robot
45. i have every episode of big brother 1 on tape
46. i now have more reasons that you should go out with me, then u have my space sluts
47. we can bounce around on those balls with handles at toys are us
48. i dedicate songs to you on "love song dedication" night on the radio, even though i know ur never listenin
49. he said he wouldnt go out with anyone under 15, and im 16
50. i never get egg shell in the bowl when im baking a cake
51. he once told me you look sexy in the morning, and i wanna experience that first hand
52. i made up "53. mums love me
54. because i miss him when he shower
55. because "your so gorgeous id do anything, id kiss u from ur feet to where ur head begins..."
56. his name has a 57. hell forever wonder what hes missing
58. i almost always find wally
59. i only had my first "fruit roll-up" 2 months ago (poor deprived child)
60. i was never a put on a leash as a kid
61. i managed to destroy all childhood pictures of me bathing
62. coz i dnt tlk lyke dis pplz
63. the waters always hot at my place
64. i put on my own production of beauty n the beast all by myself when i was 6
65. i resist the urge to *shakes fist* when he anger me
66. never terrorise people in animal suits
67. i just asked him to pick a number and he said 67 so im stoppin here oh wait one more
68. give me 68 reasons why he shouldnt?
69. hahahaahaha 69, i couldnt resist. and ill never reveal that his real name isnt conrad

by Lauren

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