50-year-old cougar Heather Kennett had "unusual" sexual interest in 20-year-old boy, it is alleged sign now

She's a political journalist with Rupert Murdoch's Eastern Messenger Courier, who's meant to investigate and report the truth, but the truth will now come out about Heather Kennett following a blog investigation into allegations that Heather Kennett sexually abused, harassed, threatened, and intimidated 20-year-old Jeremy Shum. Mr. Shum entered the University of Adelaide at the age of 15 with a TER of 99.95, graduating his commerce and law degrees by the mere age of 18 and 20 respectively. Mr. Shum is also a former employee of the University of Adelaide's prestigious business school.

An informant from News Corporation singled Heather Kennett as being behind the recent Jeremy Shum smears. The source named Kennett a "sour apple", who had a "vendetta", and led the crusade against Mr. Shum, using "any means to damage Mr. Shum, legal or not". The source accused Kennett of:

- Sexually harassing, threatening, abusing, intimidating and menacing Jeremy Shum by visiting his property, in a manner which had to be referred to Police as "criminal stalking"

- Cooperating with MBA drop-out Ron Green to smear Jeremy Shum, which went so far as to use Mr. Shum's fictional Special Agent Shum story to discredit the 20-year-old. Kennett is accused of accepting monetary and sexual bribes from Ronald Green to politically attack Shum. Interestingly, Green failed to obtain a position as a councilor, following his public and failed attempt to become the Mayor of Burnside in 2008. He is also described by other sources as the CEO which corrupted Unley council.

- Using the internet to smear Jeremy Shum, creating articles under false aliases that delineated various University of South Australia staff to embarrass him to the institution

- Breached Mr. Shum's copyright by redistributing his Waverly Nutshell DVDs, which listed various staff names in attempt to embarrass Mr. Shum, as above

- Being unfit to hold a position as a professional journalist, following the use of the 20-year-old's fictional story to discredit him as a political candidate, and attacking him on the basis that his age meant he was incompetent to hold public office or to teach at a public university

- Abusing legal process, by publishing vexatious claims by shamed CEO Paul Deb that Shum had breached copyright of the Burnside council

- Abusing legal process, by publishing vexatious claims by shamed MBA drop-out Ron Green that Shum was not a former employee of University of South Australia. Kennett is accused to have failed to mention her prior monetary/sexual encounters with Green, or that the claims were made by Green at all, instead misleading public the allegations came from ECSA. Kennett was forced to say there was "likely" going to be an investigation, since there was no investigation by the Electoral Commission at all, whatsoever!

- Discriminated against Asians on the basis of their race, in what has been analogised with Pauline Hanson's 1990's style discrimination

- Attempting to increase her public image, by attaching her name to the famous but good name of Jeremy Shum

These claims come just weeks after Heather Kennett was accused of corrupting justice by working with the South Australian Police (SAPOL) to smear Unley's current mayor, youngest mayor ever elected, Lachlan Clyne, in an attempt to misuse South Australia's unusually wide police powers relating to seizure, initiated by "reasonable cause to suspect", to intimidate, harass and threaten Mr. Clyne and his family's business for vexatious unfounded claims. Clyne's business is said to have suffered financial loss following the seizure of the computer at the family business' workplace on election day, and it is unsure whether SAPOL will be sued.

The informant stated they were bound by confidentiality agreements mandated by News Corporation, but that whistle blowing was "necessary" on the basis that "gross injustice" would have been executed against poor Mr. Shum, if the truth did not come out. A legal expert from the University of Adelaide said that it was great journalists were willing to speak up on policy grounds because media outlets often knew information that was never reported, and that legal issues should not arise for the informant given the source of information would be hard to identify, but also that the constitutional guarantee to freedom of political communication should mean criticism of a newspaper story relating to politics would be classed therein.

A friend of Kennett's asked for her to be left alone, following Kennett's rough upbringing in her childhood where she is said to have engaged in prostitution and drugs, saying she had various psychiatric issues she needed to deal with "professionally", and that media interest would further exacerbate the problem. She commented she was "not surprised" Kennett infringed upon the 20-year-old's rights, and admitted the sexual allegations were "serious", and that the reason behind Kennett's e-smear of Shum was Kennett's unyielding desire for power and dominance, also stating her sexual and monetary problems may have exacerbated the issue. She maintained Kennett did not especially target Shum, but that Shum reminded Kennett of the life she desired when she was younger, which is why the 50-year-old cougar took this "unusual" interest in the 20-year-old boy.

Asked why Mr. Shum would be targeted, the source stated that Shum was considered pretty and/or sexy by Kennett, and she likely quickly generated sexual interest for him, until she was rejected. Furthermore, Shum was a renowned union leader representing the interests of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE Australia) academic branch, and used his newfound legal skills to fight for the release of the MacPherson report which both Julian Carbone and Rick Powers are fighting to have censored in the South Australian Supreme Court. Kennett was allegedly bribed by Carbone/Powers to smear Jeremy Shum. Furthermore, Green is also accused to have bribed Kennett with money and/or sex, hence Kennett's smear.

The source of the information spoke to WikiLeaks.org journalists on the basis their name be suppressed and remain anonymous. The informant did however, identify themselves as a current News Corporation staff member, of the Eastern Courier Messenger division. They neither disclosed whether they were a journalist or professional staff, how long they had been with News Corp, nor the reasons why they had decided to go public with the information. The informant did state the information was reliable, and could be corroborated by an annexed document purporting to have been authored by Mr. Shum to Heather Kennett, in his capacity as a union leader.

The annexed document purporting to have come from Mr. Shum was analogous in content to the allegations levied by the informant, but additionally included several revelations, including:

- That the Australian Federal Police were notified in a separate claim that Heather Kennett had breached commonwealth law for inhibiting exercise of political freedom

- That Heather Kennett's laptop computer was requested to be seized under a Mareva injunction, and handed to the federal police

- That Heather Kennett's assets were requested to the court to be kept in Australia to prevent her from running away overseas

The legal expert from the University of Adelaide said it was "unlikely" Kennett would be prosecuted by the federal police, because she had the power to attack the police on the newspapers which would be undesirable, and that she had the money to afford a good lawyer to "get her off" the sentence.

Heather Kennett failed to respond to inquiries by date of publication.

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