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Does the United Nations serve to unite or divide the planet Earth?

I am extremely disappointed in the Human Race. We have entered into the 21st Century and the majority of the planet still act like cavemen. Our leaders still beat each other over the heads with clubs and take or trade what they need. A minority of the wealthy control the planet, the greedy have turned Human progress into a game of acquisition, the educated have become a slave labor force, and the remaining majority is left to poverty, suffering, and incarceration while the planet is being slowly raped of her natural resources. How can we ever become an advanced civilization if our leaders, teachers, and parents fail to use any of their highly evolved brains? It is time for a change in leadership and thought process.

This ancient 4 billion year old planet, Earth, is our home, our lifeboat. None of her is for sale, she does not belong to us. We belong to her. The current generation of inhabitants, over 6 billion of us, are identical in the fact that we all are born here, we all exist today, we all have the same rights, we all require the same necessities for survival, and we all are the result of over 50,000 years of human development. Although we are all unique beings, we are all still of the same race, the Human Race.

Each generation has and will always have 2 choices, to share and cooperate or not to share and cooperate. If the planets resources, including our over 6 billion member workforce, shared everything, than all the needs and desires of the entire species can be addressed and met. If the planets resources are not shared than it requires we fight and hoard, and survival granted only to the fittest and most cunning, while the majority must be made left to suffer or die.

Our Human ancestors decided not to share the planet and created clever devices, such as trade, competition, religions, banks, empires, and nations to determine progress and to control the divisions. This hording continues to today. The planet Earth divided by imaginary lines of borders and statuses, divides the humans race, divides the resources, create jealously, greed, hatred, poverty, slavery, superstition, crime, and a perpetuation of the ancestral design for survival of fittest. In essence, Humans have unintentionally decided to remain cavemen and to shoot holes into the boat of which survival depends on. In my opinion, in the 21st century, these acts of not sharing resources should be interpreted as criminal acts against Humanity.

One must recognize the control and manipulative powers over mankind that governments, corporations, religions, and banks have had and will continue to have unless changed. They are detrimental to our planet because they have no conscience and function for their own selfish purposes. These timely institutions perpetuate the divisions, greed and distrust that occur between humans.

The Human race is incredible. Each and every one of us is capable of producing and accomplishing anything we can imagine. Our technology now allows us to reach any point on the planet, communicate with any individual, and heal the sick. Money did not create technologies, humans did. Whether money exists or not, we still have the abilities.

Why would the Humans race want to limit our achievements to a price system? Why would the Humans race turn over control to a minority only interested in personal gain? Why would the Humans race allow itself to remain divided and enslaved? How could the Humans race sit by and watch the majority of the Human race suffer daily when the power to change all for the better is possible today?

Our daily actions are contrary to what an advanced civilization should be. Our planet lacks global prosperity and harmony. If the Human race freely shared all the possible resources and talents instead of traded them, cooperated instead of competed, taught prosperity to all instead of survival of the fittest, provided the best education to all, and linked production through education, the planet and the inhabitants would be far better off.

Each and every Human being on the planet is amazing and capable of amazing contributions. We can do and accomplish anything. Each generation has an incredible option. They can decide by themselves at any point to come together and petition to take back control of the planet, unite it and the Human race, to share all resources openly.

Unfortunately Earthlings are stubborn and ignorant, our leaders and the majority of individuals on this planet are self-absorbed with the past. They refuse to accept that the past is past. The Human race has now entered into the 21st century and we no longer have any excuse. It is time for the race of cavemen to grow up into the 21st century Humans that we are. If the race is capable of declaring a World War, then it too is capable of declaring a World Unity and Peace. Humans have the power to change their ancestral design from survival of the fittest to prosperity for all. It merely requires that the Human race recognize our current actions as childish, illogical, and detrimental to our own species.

What is remarkable about the Human race has been our ability to question, to learn and to adapt. Parents and teachers have always and will always bear the responsibility and blame for all circumstance that exists on the planet. It took them a minute to realize and teach that the Sun does not require worship in order to rise, that the world is not flat, that slavery is wrong, that women should have rights, and that all Humans, man and woman, are equal. It is time we woke up and started using and adapting our 50,000 year old brains to the current situation. How long will it take Humans to realize the obvious truths that now exist in the 21st century and stand glaringly before us?

Will the next generation of leaders and inhabitants of the planet Earth finally wake up and realize that we are currently living on a uncivilized slave planet based on the ideals of our cavemen ancestry and that now in the 21st century we have the power to change everything?

Will the next generation of children be taught that every life is valuable, amazing, and has something to contribute no matter how large or small? Will they be taught this world and all its inhabitants have 2 choices, to live as one or die divided? Will they be taught that humanity requires everything be shared, and cooperation is better than competition for the progression of the Human race? Will they be taught that achievements and global prosperity are their own rewards and concepts of currency and trade are antiquated? Will they be taught that it is their responsibility, and the responsibility of every Human being, to ensure that every Human being is well taken care of?

Greed and hording has no home when everything is shared.

I petition that the United Nations does not properly serve humanities interest and should be disbanded and a 21st Century United World Cooperation be created in its place to educate, address and meet the true needs and desires of the entire 21st Century Human Race.

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