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Planned in 2016 by NEMA is a ban to effectively Eliminate Mercury Vapor Lamps,the Preceeding ban passed in 2005 and Effective in 2008 made the sale of Mercury Vapor Ballasts illegal,Mercury Vapor lamps were proposed to be banned due to the fact that they are the least efficent of the HID Lamp Family,these lamps were Invented in 1934 and improvements continued to be made well into the Late 70's and Early 80's,as High Pressure Sodium Started to Become Popular due to its Higher Effiency,older mercury vapor installations were taken down and replaced in favor or newer high pressure sodium systems,while these lamps are more efficent they do come with several shortcomings...firstly the lamps usually cycle at the end of their rated lifetimes,whereas mercury vapor lamps typically dim out,they suffer reliability issues such as leaking,and compleate lamp falliure,the Ballasts and associated Gear required to start the lamp is more complex,expensive and likely to fail,lastly is the disgusting orange light they emit,this lowers visibility and is a hazzard,older mercury lamps emitted a Green Blue Light (From the Clear Lamps) and a Whiteish Light from the Color corrected lamps..this ban is compleatly unacceptable and shouldnt even have been passed,vote today in an Effort to prevent this from happening

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Latest Signatures

  • 09 December 201550. David C
    Mercury Vapor is a good light source and should not be banned
  • 30 November 201549. Michael M
    I favor the color of MV light and it's odd way of just soothing me. HPS is more efficcient and more enitial lumens and all, but to me not noticable on the asphalt at night.
  • 25 November 201548. Vinney D
  • 19 November 201547. David Es
    There are so many existing fixtures in use for these lamps that it would inconvenience many people to discontinue the lamps. Also, it my save electricity to change to some other type fixture but think of the cost of replacing all these fixtures.
  • 17 November 201546. David L
    Mercury lamps produce a wonderful green color that accents trees well plus they are also beneficial in that they produce a color spectrum trees can't see so they go through their regular dormancy cycle.
  • 12 November 201545. Dez Nichols
    Dont ban MV lamps
  • 01 November 201544. Dustin L
    Too much government regulation. Didn't this used to be a free country?
  • 25 October 201543. David Solomon
    Stuped to get rid of a lighting source that works so well.
  • 15 October 201542. Bobby F
    theres nothing wrong with mercury vapor lights!
  • 26 September 201541. David F
    Defend our childhood memories!
  • 09 September 201540. Dennis Mm
    this is another unacceptable ploy by government and business to increase profits and at the cost of the average person. This ban has NO real basis except for profits
  • 08 September 201539. Michael J
    Don't ban mercury lamps!
  • 04 September 201538. Roy C
    Inefficient as an out-of-date technology, and contain mercury as endanger environment.
  • 31 August 201537. Richard B
    merc lamps last along time and are 10x better then hps
  • 29 August 201536. Joe Booth
    banning light bulbs is stupid find something else to ban
  • 21 August 201535. Mary R
    This should happen sooner.
  • 20 August 201534. Todd M
    Doesn't make sense that they would ban a light source such as this claiming it is inefficient yet there are other light sources that have absolutely horrible efficiency, short life, and bad color that they are not touching. This is completely wrong. Forci
  • 11 August 201533. Alex G
    Let the market decide
  • 09 August 201532. Keith D
    I have also been opposed to the horrible color rendering of high pressure sodium luminaires. when averaging out lumens-to-watts, and life span of bulbs, and associated equipment, mercury vapor has always seemed the way to go.
  • 06 August 201531. Melissa D
    sure i agree
  • 17 July 201530. Charles M
    A Stupid Move Indeed!
  • 03 July 201529. Ciara Crystalrepovschk
    I'm sure mercury has something to do with my grandmother's fatal brain cancer. Get rid of it!
  • 23 June 201528. Alex Vanm
    Mercury vapor is more visible at night than high pressure sodium.
  • 06 June 201527. Bradley L
    I am a scuhool custodian; we have to replace sodium vapor bulbs constantly! Sodium vapor has too many problems!
  • 03 June 201526. Wilfred Craig
    You can't ban mercury vapor
  • 17 May 201525. Jan M
    The high pressure mercury vapor lamp is the cheapest and most reliable high intensity white light source. Mercury vapor lamps have very long life, require simpler ballasts and don't cycle or explode at their end of life. It makes absolutely no sense to ba
  • 02 May 201524. Victor M
    Mercs are extremely reliable. HPS cast an ugly orange color.

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