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To: The United States Government

Marijuana. Is the stuff THAT bad?
It should be legalized.

1- You can have your war on drugs.
2- But you'll never win.

I might know more than 10 places to go and even more people to call if I wanted to smoke some herb. How long has the stuff been around? I know it must've been around long enough, considering that the W was toking and getting pulled over in his youth. It's been around forever, and it will always be.. despite your best efforts.

1- High people don't kill. Those are what DRUNKS are for.
2- High people support the economy- can I get some Domino's over here!

With the debt that we are in, think of how the government could capitalize on legally controling marijuana.

1- You would be able to put the drug dealers out of business
2- Sell it nice and pre-rolled at gas stations.
3- Best of all, you can TAX it! So much money you'd get.

Think about it:
Sell a pack of five blunts for $50, with 8.25\% tax, would be about $5 in tax. Times that by about a million, and bam you would make $5,000,000 a day! In a year, thats almost $2BILLION! The whole national debt solved in one year almost, just on marijuana taxes!! And if we were to export... the possibilities.. And it would be free! To hell with Columbia, grow it here in the USA!!

People are going to smoke. It's not even that bad for you, at least not as bad as alcohol is! You don't get addicted like you would to alcohol, and anyone that disagrees is simply drunk or on crack.

Are you worried about the image that the USA might get, being the first country to legalize weed?

1- Canada, as you know, has been somewhat deregulated. We wouldn't be number one.
2- We're the most powerful nation on the planet- who gives a crap?!

If anything, it would IMPROVE our image.

1- Maybe it would take away from our existing image of being a nation that is filled with a bunch of sub-standard kids (as compared to Japan, for example), obese adults chugging McDonalds, and a government consisting of hypocritical, lying, stiff, old white men. ANd that's only the opinion of most AMERICANS!!! What about the people sitting in some hut in Tahiti?

And we know that most of the people in our government are 30-60ish- Most of you grew up in the 60s and 70s- I know you were smokin the cheebah!

This is what is being forseen following the legalization of marijuana:
1- National debt turns into a surplus (reminiscent of the Clinton Administration), as a result of aformentioned taxes and munchies expenditures (So you'd actually be able to pay for the cost of this war on terrorism!)
2- People actually liking, or at least, having a favorable opinion of our govenrment
3- Social Security for mine and subsequent generations. I am scared that these Boomers are going to suck it all up, making my contributions dissapear. But if I can legally smoke a blunt after working my 10 hour shift at 70 years old, I'm not going to give two sh*ts.
4- A more unified nation. The people that blaze together stays together.
5- World Peace. It will be a domino effect, other nations will take our example, and when you're high, the only thing you want to shoot is something on the Playstation. Or some hoops.
6- Increased intelligence. You study high, you get high scores. And that's not just a phrase from a movie, it's the damn truth.
7- Crime rates lowered. Less drug dealers, less crime as a result of drug dealers. (the crack will still be an issue, and it should; Crack and the like is where the government SHOULD be focusing on demolishing. Crack kills, pot heads don't)

We're not asking you to let us run free with it, sure, age-restrict it and things of that nature: treat it like cigarettes. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, but please. Legalize marijuana. Please.

If you are a supporter of this cause, then please sign your name. Thanks!!

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