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Since the beginning of era, various ways have been sought by the human being to gather resources and currency, which is termed as the most cursed thing of the world because almost all the crimes of the world are done because of that, currency should be named as cursed in my opinion because it is the thing for which human being tries to die for, but achieve it, in this series of blatant assault for money, people started forming companies, industrial corporations as well as private limited companies, only to find out later that they proved to be very successful as they would fill the tanks with money just because they were made by team work and hard work, due to the existence of which the pockets began to overflow with money, but with the passage of time, these pockets began emptying too because of the existence of the fact that people were already done with all the money they can spend as well as they had got everything they needed from these national companies, such a situation happened in many countries, which include the continent of Europe as well as America, with a few parts of Asia too, therefore bringing a thought into the company owners' mind as to spread their business in as many other countries as they can because of the need of more and more money to carry out the company activities which were essential for the company owners as to live and survive in the arescia of the world, arriving to a situation such as this, the company owners got their sleeves up and pants tight for the expansion of their business in many other countries of the world, due to which they started getting business again, such multinational companies now got on the self made theory of eat eat and eat, which complies to the theory that earn money from whatever source possible and due to the mind upbringing of such thoughts the multinational companies began thrusting their claws within the blood of the people existing within the countries where they had began settling as well as the governments of countries such as them, therefore demonstrating the existence of the fact that the theory they had sought for had been followed by them truly exactly and devastatingly which made the fact come into spotlight that they had succeeded in whatever mission they were doing which also made another fact come into limelight that the multinationals had started on their way to conquering the nations very slowly and with ease, they slowly started overturning the governments and getting the laws in their own favor, further on this subject would be discussed in upcoming articles, so this was the cause that many big nations like Argentina and brazil got into this trap and were then trapped into the multinational maze which became the prime cause of the destruction of these countries, nowadays these countries run in the name of multinationals and are operated by them, the government has made laws concerning them, rather to say they got the laws made for their own good, just because they liked the laws their way, that is the truth of life, and the truth behind multinationals, therefore we have come in the conclusion after all this huge blabbering that the Multinationals only have one aim and goal in their whole corporate life, this is what they desire, go catch a country and spend their whole life in conquering the nation, the nations are helpless, clue less in front of those people, the multinationals company men and that is the cause that they are ruthlessly marching above those poor people, just get the government, make a law, and there you have it, your very own readymade country is ready to be served in front of you, Mr. Multinational, such is the prime thinking of Multinationals, this dirty and really cunning thinking has definitely converted many countries into ripe juicy mangoes for multinationals, to take a bite and suck all the juice, leaving the country with a hollow body and a hollow economy, just because the whole country would be eaten up by multinationals like a book lice gets its books, therefore, people and animals, watch out for multinationals, they sure are good businesspeople, but really cunning and they should not be given to much heed at the level of government because of their brilliance in buying laws from money, and therefore as my final words I would like to say, that, Humans and Animals, Beware of the multinationals, they may be planning to take over you at the nearest Building, Skyscraper, Jungle or River, they are her and there, virtually everywhere, and they are looking out for you, they want to get you and clutch you and drink all your money like some really sweet juice, therefore, be aware.

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