Zynga have announced that from December 5th 2012 Vampire Wars will be shut down.

The following is a cut and paste of the pop-up each and every Vampire received on November 6th 2012.

Greetings fellow Vampire,

Thank you for supporting Vampire Wars and for being a loyal player! We’re sorry to inform you that Vampire Wars will be shutting down on December 5,2012. In place of Vampire Wars, we encourage you to play other Zynga games like Castleville, Chefville, Farmville 2, CityVille 2, Mafia Wars and Yoville.

We appreciate your participation in Vampire Wars as it helped make the game a fun place to meet and war with friends.  As a loyal Vampire Wars player, you are eligible for a one-time, complimentary bonus package in one of the following games: Castleville, Chefville, Farmville 2, CityVille 2, Mafia Wars or Yoville. You can start the process by clicking the Redeem button below. Please note that this offer will be valid only until December 5, 2012.

You may choose one of the following games for a compensation package to be added to appreciate your time with Vampire Wars. Kindly note, only one of the games can be chosen, and we will be adding the package to your account at the earliest. Mafia Wars
CityVille 2
Please enter your email ID for our team to contact you with further details for crediting the package to your account. Email Address I agree to the Terms and Conditions   Prerequisite: To provide you with a bonus package, you must have an existing account in the Zynga game you wish to receive the package. If you do not have an account in one of these games but want to start playing, please create your account before requesting your package. Kindly note that your account will not be completely transferred over to the new game. Only a bonus package will be added to the account in the other game.

P.S. We wanted to go out with a bite so we’ll continue to launch new content in Vampire Wars until December 5.  If you have coins or cash remaining in your account, you can access some of this content at discounts.    The above news has come as a huge shock to most fans of the game, not only have we enjoyed and loved the game, we can also say we have gained new friends and allies along the way, some players have dedicated 4+ years to the game, these players are our admins our mentors and our friends, so much time and dedication has been spent, not to mention money spent for those who have believed in the game with much heart.   Imagine a drug addict being told his fix will be cut in 4 weeks, or a father being told access to his children is no longer, or a savings account which you deposited consistently and celebrated its potential was to be closed and there was no alternative? As drastic as these comparisions may seem to some, it is a reality to many of us gamers who basically rely on our daily/weekly fix of our favourite game VAMPIRE WARS (zynga). There are literally thousands of groups on FACEBOOK dedicated to promoting VAMPIRE WARS and its players, such dedication from so many, such passion and enjoyment from a simple game is inspiring, thousands log in daily to play, not only are their facebook walls drowned in achievements earned playing the game but also their pictures are dedicated to VAMPIRE WARS in one form or another, should this not be a huge accomplishment and celebration for zynga at least? Where is the humanity of zynga? It is just not fair to take away something from someone(many) and not be given the opportunity to voice your opinion. I ask all my friends here on facebook to consider my request, I ask you all to read and share this petition, and sign with triumph!  Wether you play VAMPIRE WARS or not, Zynga are giving and taking away our priveledges in a heartbeat, consider your favourite Zynga game for a moment, how many hours a day/week do you spend playing? What if it was told to you that game was now shutdown? Would you not voice your anger and sadness? I would hope you would. VAMPIRE WARS players have been shutout and shutdown!! Please dont let December 5th 2012 become a reality. I am positive there are thousands of you who can and should word this statement better and I encourage and strongly urge you to do so, we are all passionate about this game and we MUST be heard.  


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