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To His Honour David Pearl, Chair
     The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS)

     Niall Dickson, Chief Executive and Registrar, 
      General Medical Council(GMC)

The undersigned members of the  UK Trans community wish to express their extreme disquiet about the way the Current action is being brought against  Dr. Richard Curtis.
We are most anxious about the way information about this action by Dr. Curtis's colleagues has been leaked to the press, including both personal and medical information
which we fear will greatly prejudice Dr. Curtis receiving a fair hearing.  It also seems most unreasonable that too often the GMC chooses to ignore complaints against others involved in Trans Care in the NHS, despite a large volume of complaints, whilst always focusing on Dr. Curtis

Dr Richard Curtis is the lifeline for  the many Trans people in the UK, especially those who have been continually let down by the NHS, due to government cuts, inappropriate treatment by NHS professionals ( )      
and excessively long NHS waiting lists.

It has been alleged that Dr Curtis has breached the WPATH standards of care in a similar way that his predecessor Dr Russell Reid was reprimanded by the GMC several years ago by the same persons for supposedly breaching the earlier Harry Benjamin Standards. Whilst this is a disputable allegation, it's release to the press has led to very negative publicity about Dr Curtis’s practice methods and gross invasion of privacy regarding his past personal life by the UK Tabloid press.

The accusations also suggest that transsexualism is a mental illness, not a medical condition as it’s now accepted worldwide.

Trans people are self aware and are perfectly competent at making decisions about hormone treatment and gender  re-assignment surgery for themselves when given
correct  information and support, backed up by a professional psychological assessment. They are like the rest of the population capable of taking responsibility for their own decisions.  Medical practitioners, whether NHS or private, should not be held accountable for  patients who have requested treatment of their own free will, met all the WPATH standards criteria, and then expressed regrets post treatment. This does not happen with any other type of medical treatment.

We the undersigned believe that Dr Curtis and his practice have been unfairly targeted in this case (the surgeon who undertook the surgery is not being castigated).    
We believe this is something of a witch-hunt fuelled by the national press because it involves Trans people, and request that the GMC take into consideration truthful accounts from Dr Curtis's present and former patients.  ("
I’m a patient of Dr. Curtis’, and my experience with him has only been good. If anything, these “allegations” against him (which as you say seem to be about him treating his patients with respect) only strengthens my opinion that he’s the right doctor for me.")

We request a fair and balanced hearing which we are sure will exonerate Dr Curtis from all allegations of malpractice and allow him to continue with his essential work in the service and support of the Trans community.  

Losing this lifeline provided by Dr. Curtis will dangerously effect the mental well being of his many patients ( who the NHS is not equipped to absorb) and may lead to self harming and potential suicide attempts.



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