I would like to forward a policy idea for a National Housing Programme.

The billions which was set aside by the Labour Government to bail out the private financial industry (so that they can decide who obtains credit - and a life) over the next couple of years, can be spent on purchasing private homes which are for sale.

This would be the start of a scheme which can 'kill many birds with one stone'.
Firstly, with that money, those who struggle to sell their homes in the present slump are satisfied. They can then pay off their debt (part of the national debt) to the more than likely American or International lending organisation from whom they obtained their mortgage.
Any personal gain the home seller has made from the sale is extra cash in the British economy, a proportion of which will undoubtedly be spend 'across the counter' in the UK.
The house bought by the scheme would then be rented out to those many many people and families who can not afford, can not get or do not want a mortgage until the houses become untenable.
With houses lasting around 100 yrs this is a guaranteed income for the British treasury and the British economy - an absolute internal economy.
It is also a guarantee of British family homes for British people.
The monthly rent would be a lot less than the equivalent mortgage payment leaving more disposable income in the British economy.

Under the scheme, occupants can pass the homes to their children to continue rent payment - making REAL BRITISH FAMILY HOMES! No American or International private financial organisation will benefit from reaping from the British economy to invest elsewhere - perhaps in trumped up wars. The absolutely disheartening threat of repossession would be diminished in comparison with the system today. The reason for this being that the British treasury would have more control over finances for investment which otherwise would be heading toward private International financial industries.
These International financial industries are not necessarily obliged to re-invest accumulated interest back into this country in order to create employment for people to be able to continue mortgage payments in the first place.

The large horrible and often demeaning council estates can be phased out - the culture and class divide will diminish - all will be a little happier - perhaps even the police a little less busy.
If people can afford to, they would be free to rent more than one of these properties - according to what they can afford. Eviction and unemployed tenants will be dealt with as they are today with council estates and the benefits system respectfully.

The scheme should be ran by a CROWN appointed parliamentary (not governmental) commission - with the houses technically owned by the CROWN! This will strengthen our monarchy and give it a recognised reason as protector and Lord of the realm. The debt to America has been over paid. Do you want your children to be paying America/International Financial institutions to live in British houses for ever more?
Family homes for British people - RECLAIM THE LAND!

The housing market would not be effected, inflated or deflated as independent house evaluation would still be in place. Any losses of employment within the financial industry would be replaced by employment within the scheme. The commission would require to buy homes as cheaply as is possible, therefore sellers would not be able to inflate the housing market with overpriced housing. Independent evaluation of property would (as it does today) gauge property value allowing a faiur market for both crown commission and private buyers and sellers.

20,000 properties at £200,000 each costs the government £4 Billion (£4,000,000,000)

20,000 properties rented out at £400 per month for 100 years = £9.6 Billion (£9,600,000,000)
A profit before maintenence of
£5.6 Billion over 100 years,
£2.8 Billion over 50 years,
£1.4 Billion over 25 years,
£280 Million over 5 years.
£56 Million per year.

Imagine what this country could do with that money!!!!
Why give it (and more - in interest) to private international financial organisations?

Pyramids are not built from the top to the bottom!
Let's build pyramids from the bottom upward, before climbing to the top.

yours sincerely

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