BIRLING GOLDEN ROSE- Shetlandpony paid in full- and seller does not give her out! sign now

BIRLING GOLDEN ROSE- Shetlandpony paid in full- and seller does not give her out!
  This petition is to open people's eyes what is going on here in this heart-breaking Sale- and to get support by other breeders from UK - who do not accept this behaviour by a breeder selling a Shetland Pony to a foreign country, taking the money and does not give the pony out!
And also do not accept this behaviour of the Shetlandpony Studbook Society (SPSBS) who broke their own rules and even worked behind my back and helped the seller to make this possible.

The SPSBS is now washing their hands clean by stating:

Dear Ms Krischak,
With regards to the cancellation of the transfer of Birling Golden Rose, as the pony was still in Mrs Nurser’s possession, we acted upon her written instructions that the sale was not going ahead and the transfer, that Mrs Nurser had paid for, was to be cancelled.
As this matter is now in dispute, our records now show this pony in “suspended ownership” until this matter is resolved. Whilst writing we would wish to add that we do not endorse Mrs. Nurser’s (or any vendor’s) actions in failing to refund the full amount on their cancellation of a sale and can appreciate your concern. At the outset we were not aware of the financial complications or that money had indeed changed hands.
Yours sincerely
Claire Lindsay

  Even they write that they are not amused about the fact that the seller has not refunded the full amount of 1500 Euro - they say that they do not get involved in private matters. This is very strange- for the seller claims that the SPSBS would have RECOMMENDED her to stop the sale and send the passport in to change it back in her name. The SPSBS made WAY that this was possible at all! While the normal step according their own rules would have to be to contact ME at first and ask me about what is going on here and if I agree with this change of ownership and stop of this sale! They HAVE NOT!
  To start at the beginning of this story in May 2012: I wrote a letter to the Lillybrookfield stud in Birmingham, UK, to ask if they would sell the Shetlandpony mare Birling Golden Rose to me because she would be very important for my stud concerning her bloodlines and colour. My stud is founded on pure Birling bloodlines and there are only a very few number of Birling ponys left still. This mare was bred by my friends Paul and Margaret Brightwell and sold at Reading in 2009. I missed this auction and tried all through the years to find her on any homepages without success. So a friend found the adress in an studbook and I was able to write a letter to this owner in Birmingham. She replied immediately by email:
"Hi, Katharina thankyou for your letter regarding birling golden rose, i do still have her and there is a possible chance i may sell her as i am cutting down on my ponies, due to getting to old for this game. I brought her to breed from but cannot find the correct stallion for her so she is unbreed from and she is to good to just be kept as a pet, if you can give her a good 100 per cent home do not hesitate to get back in touch. thankyou tracey." After she sent me some photos and video I immediately accepted her price of 1200 pounds and asked for bank details to transfer the money.
She answered:
  "hi katarina, very glad you like her and i am only selling her to you because it sounds like you will spoil her more than i do. she needs more attention than i can give her and you sound like the person that will love her. if you want her my full name is ............Account number........ Just to let you know she has today come in season so you can keep a record for when you have her. Hope this is ok let me no if everythink is ok. Tracey."   I paid immediately and after I remembered her that it was part of our agreement with immediate full payment that she will change her immediately into my ownership- she did that then finally in June 2012. This seller KNEW from the beginning that I intended to collect some other Shetlandpony mares for my stud to organize in the end a combined big transport.   I ALWAYS KEPT HER INFORMED ABOUT EVERY CHANGE!
  She also knew that I bought 2 mares who had to wean foals not before September. In total I bought 14 mares from all over UK for this transport! She NEVER said that she will stop the sale when I do not pick this pony up immediately- and she also did not told us that she does not want to care for her any longer and wants her to leave and stay at the stud of my transport team.
In September when we started with collecting the first mare in Castle Douglas, I got message from Cornwall that 2 of my mares are involved in the EIA virus case.

Again- she said NOTHING about intending to stop the sale or placing an ultimatum!

On the 5th of November the seller from Birmingham wrote me:
"hi katarina, i have still not had any information on when goldie is being picked up and i want her gone by this weekend coming, or i will start charging for her keep from then, i cannot under stand why so many excuses have been told as why your other ponies cannot travel, i also got married this year and i got goldie microchiped for you when you bought her back in june,not a problem so why do your other pony owners keep giving excuses, all foals will be weaned by now. thanks Tracey."
She wrote here that she will CHARGE FOR LIVERY- but NOT that she will STOP THE SALE!

  On that day I have immediately contacted my transport team youridewedrive from Wales several times by email- but they were busy with other transports. They gave me then on the 16th of November the information that she can collect Golden Rose the following week and make a date with the seller. This I wrote to the seller that morning of the 16th of November:     Hello Tracey, just for your information: I phoned Stina from my transport team yeasterday evening and she confirmed that everything is allright- that the old people will stand to their word and I will get the 2 mares I paid. And she said that all ponies will start on the 25th of November their journey to Germany- that means all mares will be collected and checked by vet before this date. So the countdown is starting! Kind Regards Katharina

After writing that I checked the SPSBS data base and nearly got a heart attack noticing that Birling Golden Rose is not any more in my ownership!

I then ordered a beautiful bouquet of roses for the seller in Birmingham (because of the name of the pony) and she got them also.
My grandma and I packed a package of wonderful goodies as an excuse for the problems we had with this huge transport.
ALL the other breeders have understood that this can happen when you organize 14 studs under one hat and buy 14 ponys spread all over UK!
Only THIS breeder from Birmingham let me down and gave me a kick.
No chance at all. I than after all had to hear that she also was intimidated by this notorious person V H from Dorset who is hunting me since 2009 when I bought a mare from Sweden for a lot of money- that she sold very cheap to that person before.
Since then I have no peace with her and she is hating me for breeding the Birling bloodline.

She spread lies over lies about me and also had the impertinence to tell secret personal things on facebook that she has gotten from a stud where I was friend with and trusted in them- so
we shared also private matters.
Veronica Harrison is telling now everyone that I am suffering from bulimia.
I tell here the truth- rather to be bespoken behind backs.

I have suffered from Anorexia nervosa for my whole childhood and my parents bought the my first pony.
This love to the Shetlands has never left me.
It was the most trustworthy part in my life and a love neverending.

I do not think that having suffered from Anorexia nervosa and having survived means that one has no right to exist anymore.
AT NO POINT I have let my ponies down. Nor does it mean that I haven't fed them enough.
My ponys have always been the most important part of my life.
This love is the power that is carrying me.

Birling Golden Rose is the half sister to my chief mare Birling Bright Mirage. Words could not express what Birling Golden Rose means to me.
I promised the seller a lifetime home on endless pastures surrounded by old oakwood and little rivers running through - and this is what I offer.
This is nothing but the truth.

I would do everything to turn back time.
If I would have known that this seller would treat me like that and let me down and would even change her back into her name behind my back-
I would have driven to UK the day I paid her by my own car and trailer.
I thought that this is a seller of trust.
So I thought it would be the best for the pony to stay for a while in her used surroundings- better than waiting at the stud of my transport team. All I did was meant only in the welfare of this mare I longed for since YEARS!
Yes, I have involved a solicitor in UK, because this breeder left no chance to talk to me.
And to let me have the mare that I paid since nearly one year now.

The lady sent a not even half refund to me- deducting for numerous things that have never been agreed!
She also deducts for 100 pounds each transfer.
And livery costs from the first day- while this was NEVER agreed!
I also do not pay for changes of transfer or any other things- when I get NOTHING in the end! And transfer to me was INCLUDED with full payment!

I have sent this half refund cheque to the SPSBS.
And told them to help in this horrible situation.
But SPSBS is not interested in helping or supporting honest foreign members who also pay their fees.
They wash their hands clean and do not even answer.

I got the cheque back and it is still on my table.

I will not accept a refund because this Shetlandpony mare is IRREPLACABLE for my stud!
I can not accept this refund because my hopes and dreams with Golden Rose have already been too long.

You can not imagine how happy I was when this lady answered me and said that she is happy to sell her to me! That she is too old for the ponies and thinks that I can offer her more love and attention than she can give her!

My solicitor advised me to bring this through the court, for the lady has not interest in a peaceful resolve of this case.

I tried then a last thing and wrote her a letter with good chocolate and a real very generous offer- according to my solictor from UK:
I offered this lady to destroy the half refund cheque and even PAY ON TOP to the already paid 1500 Euro- another 2000 EURO (!).
I think that according to the current market prices- an offer of 3500 Euro is a more than generous offer and should show my Good Will towards the lady and especially the APPRECIATION of this wonderful Shetland pony!

This was my last try in Good Will.

Deeply disappointed in the SPSBS and this seller from Birmingham about this DISGUSTING behaviour-
I got this letter returned UNOPENED yesterday!
The "lady" must have sent the letter to the SPSBS to return it to me-
BUT- I had not put any SENDER adress on the letter!
They could NOT have known that this letter was sent by me!

It shows that this breeder from Lillybrook stud in Birmingham worked together with the SPSBS.
And that SPSBS DEFINATELY interferes in private matters!

BUT: they only support UK residents and have absolutely no interest in the sorrows of their foreign members paying their fees as well. Paying a top price for a mare they long for- and being left alone in the end- WITHOUT PONY and WITHOUT MONEY!
  If this seller from Birmingham would have had a HEART she would have opened the letter and would have accepted my very generous offer.

She would have understood my great LOVE for this mare!
I would be able to forget it all, make a CUT and take the last chance to bring her home!

I would be able to organize a collection after the 2000 Euro arrived within 48 hours after getting the information that she has gotten the money.

And I am also willing to make a written contract with you that I will never sell this pony again.
Do you really think that I would pay so much money for a pony, if the welfare of this pony would not be my heartfelt wish?
  It has been a long, very disappointing and heart-breaking road until this point. I am very sad that things had to come this way. NEVER I meant any harm! And I am sure that I have expressed this in many ways.
  I am very sad that this lady never gave me the chance to talk to her personally on the telephone. My friends, the breeders of this mare- the Brightwells- phoned her because it was als their wish that this pony will come to my stud to keep this wonderful bloodline going- because I have the old Birling stallion Birling Grey Mirage at stud and another Birling stallion. When they phoned her- she just said "I have refunded" and put the phone off! Very rude and disappointing.
  I hoped so much that she will read my last letter. It is my very last try to find a peaceful happy ending with this seller.
This is my wish.
I think that it is not necessary for both of us to lose so much money to the court.
I want to make it clear once more- even though this seller said that all I say would only be an “excuse”. Why should I make excuses? Why should it be my intention to let the pony longer at your place as needed? I have LONGED for her since the day I paid her!
I paid her in full because I trusted in this seller! Deeply.
She wrote to me so lovely in the name of Golden Rose and NEVER I thought she would do me any harm!
Also there has been some misunderstandings between us.
At the very start I told her that one transport man will do the transport. BUT at that point I had not already found a better one- but was already searching for people that are more trustworthy than this man. I have met several people who did not wanted to sell me a pony if he will do the transport. This must have a reason! And I can tell you why: last year he brought me mares and he was in a very bad mood- furious and rude. He gave my Ardmair mare a kick because she did not wanted to leave his truck- she is a bit fat.. And I do NOT ACCEPT that ANYBODY is treating my ponies like that! It is my very good right to search for better people.

And I have found them: youridewedrive- Stina Harvidsson and her lovely husband! They have brought all my mares to me and they did a great job! Wonderful, trustworthy people with a heart!

I do not understand, why this seller NEVER gave me the CHANCE to UNDERSTAND that she will STOP the sale?
Mrs. Harvidsson said that if she would have told already in summer that she do not want Golden Rose any longer to stay and wait at your stud OR you will stop the sale- they would have IMMEDIATELY collected her and they would have loved to care for Golden Rose until every other pony is ready.
NEVER this seller gave this fair chance.

On the 5th of November she wrote that if they cannot pick her up until weekend she will CHARGE FROM THEN for livery costs- BUT she has not!
She has STOPPED the sale! And changed her ownership behind my back!

Thinking about it- everybody knows that this was most unfair.

  This petition is my LAST TRY in Good Will to solve this peacefully- before I give my solictor the GO to bring it through the court. I will NOT give up on Birling Golden Rose! This mare is IRREPLACABLE for my stud and worth all the money to bring it through the court, if necessary.
  A very last time I call out for support and appeal to your hearts. My hope is that ANYBODY is out there who would be helpful to solve this heart-breaking case peacefully. And avoid that it has to go to the court.
  I can not and do not want to believe that this seller in Birmingham REALLY has no heart.

All my hope I am sending out to you for help and support and signing this petition.

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