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I am a lady in London Ontario, who has hands on experience with this organization. In aprox 2009 , a investigation took place concerning this organization, that tried to give me a pill in the back of a Van. The Police proved it and, this pill could have killed me. The reason they did this is because I new too much, and there plots.

I am starting a Petition, because there is a pile of clients living in the housing of this organization and there not being taken care of properly. They are paying 850.00 a Month, and are walking down the streets of London Ontario, day after day, asking for Money to eat, and drinks, from society.

In People Helping People there is three People working as Workers, Keith Charles is Author of this organization , a lady and I do not know her last name Paulette in St Mary's, and Adrian Martin , they all work together, and do not maintain proper stability for there Clients. There was recently a Fire set to a apt building Kieth owns and he was taken to court for issues in the building concerning fire regulations. A life was taken as a result, and the clients who lived in this building, are now staying at SALVATION ARMY. They have become homeless as a result. 

People Helping People is a organization Created by Kieth Charles and the Governments and City Hall do not maintain this building, no one is over them, therefore there is no one who can get involved and or look into this matter, or do anything about it.

Some Clients shared there Stories as a result if the Fire, saying all they get most times is Peanut Butter Sandwhiches, on daily bases. When I was there, Adrian Martin, fed the clients Pork every night. I took it upon myself to buy more groceries for everyone. Adrian Martin had a Maid , and fired her, because I took care of the cleaning, and cooking, for the Men there. I never got paid for doing this at all. Adrian Martin threatened the clients on daily bases, saying: I AM GOING TO BASH YOUR HEADS TOGETHER. These clients in most cases can not stand up for thereselves because they are threatened , and afraid. The houses there living in, are a mess on Culver Drive Lodon Ontario, and there health issues are not taken seriously.

I experienced a young girl living there, who had a pussy breast, and went to doctors, but the staff never assisted her or took care of her properly, leaving it to get infected. I then helped her as a result.

I could go on about this organization, but I am sure you got the point.

I would like to be the first to stand firm, on behalf of the clients living there, and those who did live there, but have moved out as a result. They are in need of healthy living, and proper maintained housing. Please join me in cleaning up this organization, and the lives in need. I would love to see better days ahead for them. I am standing in the gap, and need your help, to make it possible. I am a Christian lady, and give God the Glory for everything.

I am not trying to cause harm at all, i just desire things to get better for everyone involved. The Staff of People Helping People must know, I care about them as well, and desire to help them, come to there sences and change there ways, and work hard to do better. I do not hate them, I forgive them, care about them, and Love them, that is why I am starting this Petition. On there behalf and on the behalf of the clients. God says to reveal the enemy. Love your enemies, and I am a firm believer that the enemy, is not you as a Authority, or person in  People Helping People, but the enemy is what your doing. It is time to make changes, do something about it, and make it possible for healthier days ahead for those living in these homes, and give them what there paying for. 850.00 a Month, is everything they have on Disability, leaving them nothing. Your Policy states: Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, snacks, medication delivered to Clients, proper doses given, Clean Housing through Maid services, internet, cable, laundry, and rides to Doctors, ect. This is not being done.

Please Sign My Petition . This will be given to the proper Authorities in order to help those in need in London Ontario. To get them proper Housing and more.

                                                                                                                Thank You

                                                                                                          God Bless You All

                                                                                                          Nations Great and Small.

The Clients are welcome to sign the Petition as well. Tell your Stories. There will be a Facebook page created for you to do just that. Love You.

                                                                                                                   Nina L McCutcheon

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