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We as Canadian Born citizens have a right to want our multiculturalism and Immigration laws changed and made alot more strict by our government. We are petitioning for the following laws to be added and/or changed. 


- All Immigrants MUST speak either French or English fluently to be granted citizenship.

- All Immigrants must be a Canadian citizen for at least 15 years, pay taxes, and speak english or french fluently in order to vote.

- All Immigrants MUST be a Canadian citizen for at least 10 years, been employed for the majority of those years, pay their income taxes every year and have not claimed social assistance at any time before being allowed access to our free health care system which is paid for by hard working Canadian born citizens.

- All Immigrants MUST respect our RCMP uniforms. As Canadian citizens we have the right to not recognize any RCMP officer who is not in full and proper uniform. Any officer not in full and proper uniform is to be considered an off-duty officer and treated as any other civilian. Full uniform includes the proper RCMP cap. NO TURBANS!  We will show no respect for any such officers disrespecting the uniform of such a prestigious organization by refusing to respect it and wear the proper cap.

- All Immigrants must respect and abide by our Canadian Laws and Contitutional Rights and Freedoms. This means accepting the separation of church and state. (NO RELIGION IN SCHOOLS. PERIOD. All Religions must be accomodated or NO religion may be accomodated) This also means accepting that Poligamy is unacceptable in Canada and Immigrants may not have more than one spouse or claim any sort of social assistance, welfare or any other financial aide from the government (That we hard working Canadian-born citizens pay for) for more than one spouse!

- No Immigrants (Or any people for that matter) may hide their identity while out in public. This means no Ski-masks (except in appropriate winter weather), No motorcycle helmets (Except when appropriate and ON a motorcycle, take it off when you stop and dismount the vehicle) and this means NO BURKAS and/or NIQABS or any other garment that hides or conceals your face. We need to be able to trust our neighbours amd those around us, we cannot do that if we cannot Identify them. 

-All Immigrants must understand that they are moving to OUR country and must make reasonable effort to assimilate and celebrate our customs, cultures and the Canadian Way of Life.  Refusal to abide by this will be considered discrimination, a hate-crime, and Treason against all who were born and raised in Canada and they will be jailed or their citizenship will be revoked and they will be deported back to whatever country they Immigrated from. 


We are Canadians. We were born here. This is OUR country. You must meet our demands or we will elect a government that will. We are a democracy. What our people, what our citizens need and want is more important than any other. It is your responsibility as our government to meet our demands and take care of your own citizens first before catering to others who are coming here and expecting a free-ride on our hard earned dollar. NO MORE WE SAY! NO MORE IMMIGRATION WITHOUT MEETING THE DEMANDS OF YOUR COUNTRY'S CITIZENS!

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  • 15 October 201516. Pigglywiggly (unverified)
    I support this petition, immigrants are ruining canada
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    I support this petition
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    I support this petition. Long time overdue!
  • 21 April 201511. barbara ivey
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  • 25 September 201410. ironworker720
    we need to put an end to this now
  • 01 September 20149. Walter Keith
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  • 09 August 20148. mike mcmulen (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 22 June 20147. jan marquis (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 06 December 20136. Japneet Singh (unverified)
    I am an indian living in Canada.i respect customs of Canada
  • 01 November 20135. Russell Desjarlais (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 04 September 20134. HopeButterfly
    I support this petition
  • 24 August 20133. grimsaviour
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  • 24 August 20131. Ashton King
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