Chatterton House, the birthplace of famous Bristolian boy-poet Thomas Chatterton, has over the past seven years fallen into a serious state of disrepair - despite the council's obligation to maintain the building due to its listed status. We have recently occupied the building and are taking direct action to save both the building and its cultural status. We think it is terrible that the works of Thomas Chatterton are so little known in his own city and aim to spread the word through poetry open mic nights and other cultural events.

Recently we have come under pressure from the council to leave the property. They have claimed that they were planning to do work on the building in July but this seems unlikely since they have left the building empty for the past SEVEN years without doing anything to it.

If you support our occupation and renovation of the building and would like to see Bristol celebrate the heritage of Chatterton then please sign this petition. Your support is much appreciated.

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