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Calling for a Response to the Sociology Canada Research Chair in Race and Racialization

We the York University Black Graduate Student Collective and our supporters are writing to express concern about the hiring process for the Canada Research Chair (CRC) (Tier 2) in Socially Engaged Research in Race and Racialization in the Department of Sociology at York University. Specifically, we are calling for greater transparency with respect to the evaluation of candidates and justification for the nomination of the successful candidate. Lastly and most significantly, we call for York University to address the under-resourcing of faculty members who do work in the area of Black Studies by hiring a professor in Black Studies through a Canadian Research Chair located in the Department of Sociology.

The Department of Sociology at York University recently ran a competition for a CRC (Tier 2) in Socially Engaged Research in Race and Racialization. Though the position is advertised as beginning on July 1 2015, the successful candidate has yet to be publicly announced. However, it has come to our attention that a qualifed Black female Canadian candidate who specializes in Black Studies and anti-colonial studies was not offered the position. Instead, it was awarded to a male international candidate whose expertise is primarily in ethno-religous studies. Recognizing that, in the Sociology Department specifically and at York University more generally, there is a paucity of faculty who research Blackness and Black people, not selecting the Black female Canadian appears to us as a curious one. This is especially confusing for a CRC in the area of race and racialization given the aforementioned dearth of faculty to support such research. 

Until York University begins to address the limited representation of Black professoriate, it is continuing its long trend of devaluing Blackness and the contributions of Black people to the University. Through neglect, York University is actively stifling the work of Black and other graduate and undergraduate students who would benefit from having greater access to such professors. These actions can be seen as nothing less than anti-Black racism.  We have identified this trend of anti-blackness at York University and speak out against it in solidarity with the recent #studentblackout movement happening on campuses both in the United States and Canada.  The movement has brought to light the nature of hiring practices and University cultures that exclude black people both at the student and faculty level. 

The York University Black Graduate Students' Collective can be reached by email at

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