Citizens ought not need to pay government or state income tax on wages, retirement reserves, standardized savings, or other pay to incentivize training advance reimbursement, when it is utilized to reimburse education loan debt. The volume of education loan is taking off, the advance rates are amazingly high in respect to rates paid for investment funds, and the middle class- - youthful and old - is saddled with education loan debt. We require a mechanism like 529 strategies that will make it simple to move cash from wages, retirement reserves, government disability or other pay into tax free records that can be utilized to settle up student and Parent Plus loans. I, undersigned, would like to request the New York State House to stop the state and federal income tax on wages, social security and any other income like retirement funds, when they are used to repay the loans for education purpose. Raise your voice for this issue by signing this petition


Patricia Gomez– Tax Manager at

2352 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

Tel: +1 124-425-5843

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