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Netflix has announced it's just weeks away from blocking paying customers who are using privacy-protectng services like virtual private networks (VPNs).

The more comes in response to pressure from legacy broadcaster who want to geoblock us from our favourite content.

This is a triple-whammy of bad news: it will block customers from accessing content they paid for undermine privacy and push users to illegal alternatives.

Tell Netflix NOW: "Stand up to broadcaster bullies and do not block pro-privacy VPN technology.

Media giants and their lobbyist pals are pressuring Netflix to block paying customers from accessing content unavailable in their home country. To do this, they plan to block the use of pro-privacy VPN services.8 If Netflix caves to these media giants, it would block paying customers from using the service on their own terms, undermine customers’ privacy, and push users to illegal alternatives. We all know the best way to reduce piracy is by offering accessible, high-quality, legal content9— not by imposing fake borders on the Internet. It’s just common sense. Let’s face it: the Internet is the best content delivery technology available, but big, old, outdated business models want to cut it off at the knees.10 Want to go on vacation and watch your home Netflix content? This will effectively end that. Want to access domestic Netflix while using a VPN to protect your privacy? Sorry, no dice. Want to bypass your ISP throttling your Netflix connection because you live in a country without Net Neutrality protections?11 If VPNs come off the table, get ready to live with the buffering icon. We need a Netflix without borders to reflect the global Internet age. Tell Netflix NOW: “We enjoy your service because it offers user-friendly choice. Stand up to media bullies and do not block pro-privacy VPN technology.” Take action!

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