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Latest Signatures

  • 01 January 20112552. joann
    would love to see more seasons of this great show
  • 01 January 20112551. miranda
    I really like this show because it is different the normal crap that is on. really tired of reality shows, the whole point of tv shows is to get out of reality. that is what the news is for. fox/wb network is cancelling everything good given half a chance
  • 01 January 20112550. jonny
    bring it back
  • 01 January 20112549. shari
    Bring it back!!! My kids love this show.
  • 01 January 20112548. EaDshOt
  • 01 January 20112547. scott
    This show has a lot of potential. If you give it a chance to develop, it could do great things. Don't pull a "Buffy" here.
  • 01 January 20112546. Bethany
    This show is AWESOME! Don't get rid of it, please!
  • 01 January 20112545. Dean
    Bring it back!
  • 01 January 20112544. Wendell
    Tru Calling was one of my favorites before it got put in limbo. Please find some place on your schedule for it!
  • 01 January 20112543. carle
    this show is to good not to bring it back.
  • 01 January 20112542. Terri
    You have to bring back tru Calling. it is the best show that FOX has on the air.
  • 01 January 20112541. Lori
    I love Tru Calling. I can't understand why when a show is a good thing, Fox cancels it?????? Please bring it back - you could replace the OC with it...
  • 01 January 20112540. Gretchen
    the show is awesome, it has to stay
  • 01 January 20112539. Jerry
    You can't leave it like this, it was just reaching its stride. Compelling, original, and just a little twisted, it's the best thing you've aired since 24. Don't let her die before her time... rewind and save Tru.
  • 01 January 20112538. lindsay
    i like eliza as faith but i love her as tru pleaseBRING BACK THE SHOW. it was the first show that turned me on to fox
  • 01 January 20112537. Megan
    I'd like to see where it goes. The last few episodes of the season actually made the show have a direction and it gave viewers hope for a kick-butt second season.
  • 01 January 20112536. gary
    I want it back
  • 01 January 20112535. Amy
    I am addicted to season 1 on DVD. This is my favorite show, EVER.
  • 01 January 20112534. Sherry
  • 01 January 20112533. Giavonna
    Please do not cancel Tru Calling!! This is the only show that both my husband and I TRUlly enjoy. There is to much crap out there!! Air the second season and I'm sure you won't be dissapointed with the ratings.
  • 01 January 20112532. Sara
    Love the show it's one of the best shows ever ,bring it Back
  • 01 January 20112531. Amanda
  • 01 January 20112530. Jim
    PLEASE bring back Tru Calling--It is the only show I watch! If it does not return, my friends and I are going to boycott FOX for good!
  • 01 January 20112529. megan
    much as I hate to beg i will for this show
  • 01 January 20112528. Cristy
    Tru Calling is a show I became hooked on. Please bring it back I want to see what happens next I can't be in this suspence!!!
  • 01 January 20112527. Natasha
    i loved the show i was gald when i found out over the summer taht it was coming back and then sad when it was not on the fall lineup. then we were told that it was coming back in jan of 2005 and now i hear it cancelled but the fox network says it coming b
  • 01 January 20112526. Kristina
    This show always keeps you at the edge of your seat and you're thinking about cancelling it?! How could you do that!?

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