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We are currently trying to get Scott Hall back on WCW TV! So PLEASE sign our Petition to help our efforts!

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 January 20111965. Derek
  • 30 December 20101964. tony
    scott hall rocks
  • 30 December 20101963. dave
    scott hall is one of the best wrestlers of the 90's. he kicks ass! no one will ever be as good of a tagteam as the outsiders.
  • 29 December 20101962. Jay
  • 27 December 20101961. Dawn
    Scott Hall was the only reason why I watched WCW!
  • 24 December 20101960. loyd
    hey yo!!! bring back scott hall or else. the man is the greatest wrestler ever to put on tights and you guys let him go what a bunch of dumba$$es. bring him back or feel the wraith
  • 24 December 20101959. Clint
    Scott HAll would save the struggleing wcw's ass if he was brought back in an angle with nash... if not this might just be another wwf gain in the future.
  • 23 December 20101958. eric
    Please WCW! Re-Habilitate Hall, bring him back, and hype it for a few weeks, and you will KILL WWF Programming. Hall gave you ratings before, he'll do it.....Again
  • 23 December 20101957. J.
    If you want your ratings, back him back. Simple as that.
  • 21 December 20101956. Amanda
  • 19 December 20101955. Tori
  • 15 December 20101954. Mike
  • 14 December 20101953. chris
    i think scott hall should be giving another chance because he really starting to show that he's getting his act together.and he would be a great asset to the company right now.
  • 13 December 20101952. bill
  • 13 December 20101951. Tracy
    he and nash are the ratings winners on wcw.Plus he's dam good at what he does.
  • 13 December 20101950. radar564
    BRING BACK HALL!!!!!!!!
  • 13 December 20101949. tavaresTerry
    why not
  • 12 December 20101948. Denise
    Bring Back Hall,
  • 11 December 20101947. Jennifer
    I love the outsiders. It is as if something is missing without Scott there. Even though everyone does want him back. I do. Kevin and Scott created wrestling. They are the true kings of WCW and the NWO!!!
  • 09 December 20101946. Mike
  • 08 December 20101945. Jeremy
  • 07 December 20101944. tera
  • 07 December 20101943. brian
  • 07 December 20101942. john
  • 06 December 20101941. Matthew
  • 06 December 20101940. Kirt
  • 06 December 20101939. Colin

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