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We the undersigned, duly adhere our names to the petition below to bring back Clippy, the 'informative' paper clip. Since the time that you at Microsoft decided to terminate him, we have missed him, and consider him a valued asset to our computers. Thus, we have come together as a team united for the re-employment of Clippy on our computers...Signed below.

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Latest Signatures

  • 07 October 201550. Tom Conrad
    While sometimes he annoyed certain people, he had a certain charm if you "trained him" right, and I'm sure with a little re-programming he wouldn't be a nuisance to anyone. He's been like a little friend to me every time I'm writing a paper, silly as that
  • 01 October 201549. Kieren R
    Clippy Rules
  • 31 May 201548. Louisa Morales
    Word without Clippy is boring! Bring him back!
  • 17 April 201547. Eyrn B
    I miss Clippy!
  • 14 August 201446. Summer E
    i loved clippy
  • 03 June 201445. Dan W
    I miss him...
  • 06 April 201444. Nikhil K
    Clippy was the best thing that ever happened to Office...we want it back !!!!
  • 17 June 201343. Rayzac S
    i want clippy back
  • 12 June 201342. Alexandru M
    Working in Office is not the same without Clippy :(
  • 10 April 201341. Claudia M
    I miss the little dog when I'm writing papers.
  • 06 January 201340. Don G
    Bring back clippy!!!!!
  • 19 December 201239. Kasper L
    I love Clippy.
  • 28 August 201238. Elliott B
    Come on, he was awesome!
  • 26 March 201237. Fogo F
  • 10 January 201236. Liam B
    I want them back bad!!
  • 16 December 201135. Joshua C
    BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!
  • 25 April 201134. Jeanne V
    Love Clippy--miss him.
  • 19 January 201133. Alex Beasley
    I love clippy!
  • 17 October 201032. Syd Case
  • 30 May 201031. Aaron Yoder
    Bring back Clippy!!
  • 12 May 201030. Jared M
    bring him back
  • 08 May 201029. El L
    [email protected] /* */
  • 21 January 201028. Nick C
    when clippy died by friend shot hinself, true story
  • 24 October 200927. Christine D
  • 02 January 200926. Samantha A
    I miss him.
  • 25 November 200825. Victor Lozano
    bring him back
  • 13 April 200824. Max Martin
    CLIPPY WAS THE BEST THING EVER! Bring him back! He was a dog, a wizard, and my best friend. I miss my best friend =(

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