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"Trioxin is a greenish vapor (caused by Sulfurisism) which makes your skin feel as though it it is wet and or leaking. It has been known to be typically stored under pressure in large steel drums. It was originally developed by the Darrow Chemical Company for the United States military as an herbicide to destroy marijuana plants; however, the Army was quite surprised when the gas also restored function to the nervous systems of cadavers, dismembered body parts, and even dead animals and insects. Moreover, trioxin appears to be toxic, and a single exposure to a concentrated amount can both kill a person and revive them again.
Though a volatile gas, 2-4-5 trioxin is fairly stable, and can withstand temperatures in the thousands of degrees. Attempts to cremate trioxin-spawned people typically release trioxin gas into the air, where it may contaminate rainclouds. The resulting rainfall is irritating to the skin which often leads victims to assume that it is acid rain when it fact the diluted Trioxin is causing their nerve ends to fire randomly. This "Trioxin shower" is no longer concentrated enough to kill a human but if the contaminated rainwater falls on a location housing corpses, such as a cemetery, it can potentially "reanimate" every corpse interred there.
Though, the reanimation seems mild. The nervous system seems to react as though it was stimulated by an electric charge. Studies have shown that the only chance 2-4-5 trioxin has of actually reanimating someone completely is very slim.
This was before they started experimenting with 2-4-6 trioxin.
We must stop continued experiments with these dangerous chemicals before they grow out of control. Sign this petition, for the children.

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