Backyard Chickens in the Town of Oakville, Ontario sign now

This petition is to request permission from the Council to allow Oakvilles residents to raise a small number of backyard chickens/hens, subject to reasonable controls and regulations.

We, the undersigned, believe that the current by-law prohibiting backyard chickens should be changed for the following reasons:

1. Backyard chickens provide a wholesome source of protein, giving us healthier eggs than those from their caged counterparts
2. A properly cleaned and maintained chicken coop does not pose any threat to sanitation
3. By allowing only hens, the early morning crowing of rooster would not be a nuisance for neighbours (roosters are not needed for egg laying)
4. Backyard chickens allow us to gain some level of self sufficiency
5. They provide environmentally friendly organic fertilizer
6. They are excellent for pests and weed control
7. Backyard chickens are inexpensive and easy to keep pets (when compared to most other pets)
8. Backyard chickens reduce organic household waste (table scraps are used as treats for chickens)
9. By keeping a small flock of laying hens, one is assured that the eggs consumed come from chickens that are being treated ethically, allowing them to express their natural behaviours (touching the ground, roosting, scratching and pecking for bugs)
10. It teaches responsibility and respect for animals
11. It reduces our food miles (less spend in transporting food to/from supermarkets)
12. And as a bonus, they are beautiful pets and companions

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