Since 1994, an estimated 60,000 Whites have been murdered in South Africa by Blacks. The 60,000 murders are a conservative estimate, and many reliable sources, believe it may be more. This racist genocide would have received worldwide attention if it were another race of people, but because it is White people murdered by Blacks, it is a tabboo subject and ignored by the west, and the ANC Government of South Africa.

The victims of this racist genocide covers everyone from year old babies to old age pensioners in their nineties. It is disgraceful enough that this genocide is happening, but prior to murder, the vast majority of victims are gang-raped, tortured, often in front of their families, then in the final act of humiliation, their bodies are defiled. The scenes of crimes photos, which back this genocide up, are gruesome and so explicit, I myself, will be haunted by those scenes for the rest of my life. Some of the barbaric, satanic scenes of crime photos that spring to mind, are a young woman, brutally gang-raped, then a broom inserted into her genitalia, another is a young woman,gang-raped, strung up by the ankles and then gutted like a fish, with her entrails hanging out. This is the most foul, diabolical crime imaginable. There are also scenes of crimes photos of young babies, torturd before death and elderly people gang-raped and sodomised, tortured and murderd in the most evil way imaginable.


It is not just White farms that are being invaded, and the owners raped and murderd, it is any White home. Many top ranking officials in the terrorist ANC, have been caught on camera singing - " Kill The Boer ", as well as promoting these acts of genocide. The White population of South Africa have no-one to speak out for them, as the ANC are clearly racist, and encourage tis genocide. Please sign this petition, but be warned, if you are going to view these scenes of crimes photos on Google, they contain torturd remains of babies, infants, womwn and elderly people in their nineties. the British Government regularly get involved in illegal wars that don't concern us, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, the past two years, the uprsings in north Africa, and currently, the unrest in Middle East, whcih has nothing to do with us, yet the genocide of our White South African brethren has evrything to do with us, as many are of British descent, and South Africa helped us in Two World Wars. If you think gang-rape, child torture and murder are evil from the pits of hell, please sign this petition, to help end this. Even if you are not White, please help stop this genocide.

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