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I have concerns which are shared with many others about how mobile phone companies have the right to charge customers for the full cost of calls made from stolen handsets whilst they have not been identified as lost. I have personally been a victim of this and I am disappointed in the amount of protection given to consumers in this situation.

This petition aims to highlight the issue and ultimately change legislation to protect the public from being victim from this increasing crime. At the moment, mobile companies have the authority to effectively make profit from criminal activity. Let me explain.... If a customer spends £10 on a monthly contract for years, the company makes a small profit from their custom. However, if the customer's handset is stolen and the thief calls (usually international) numbers until the phone is reported by the customer and blocked, I have found examples where the customer is then billed and made liable for up to £7000! Therefore the mobile phone company is making a huge amount of additional revenue and has no incentive at all to help the customer by blocking such calls which are clearly irregular.

More must be done to protect consumers by stopping mobile phone companies from benefiting from theft! If someone steals your debit card, the bank will block this when an unusual pattern of use appears...this is because the banks pay for fraud on your account. Conversely, when someone steals your contract SIM card the phone company does not help.... this is because YOU pay for fraud on your mobile phone account and the company takes the profits.

I believe customers need to be responsible for the security of their accounts
I do NOT believe mobile phone companies should be out of pocket due to theft, BUT they DO NOT deserve to make PROFIT from their paying customers who are victims of crime.

Please sign your name on this petition if you agree we need change.

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