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Official or unofficial military (or other unknown participant e.g. industrial) activity in and around the town of Gorebridge, Midlothian is vexatious to the physical and mental health of the inhabitants. This activity low in the Gorebridge skies is being recorded and witnessed and most of these events have no mundane or natural explanation. A series of smaller presumably mechanical objects were filmed intercepting an airliner on its flight path into Edinburgh Airport. In the public interest we would like to have some explanation as to why military or industrial objects of unknown specifications are e.g. intercepting airliners on official flight paths or are flying illegally under 500 feet in civilian airspace over the roofs of the town. Also an explanation is sought as to why unofficial military exercises using flying hardware of varying sizes are seen in progress regularly around the perimeter of the town e.g. the old Blinkbonny mine area and the fields between Gorebridge and Carrington and the fields between Gorebridge and Crichton. Is such military industrial activity licensed and is such landuse and use of civilian airspace under 500 feet in the town itself in such proximity to the general public endorsed by local and national government ?

Can we please establish whether there is a risk to the environment and the public health from such military industrial activity.

Is the town and environment of Gorebridge under the jurisdiction of civil law and if so how can we bring an end to these distressing displays of fast moving hardware of all sizes and shapes at all times of the day and night ?
Can we please establish what parties require a cease and desist notice for this vexatious activity in a civilian environment.

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andrew hennesseyBy:
Justice, rights and public orderIn:
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To identify cause of activity and obtain cease and desist

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Edinburgh UFO


airspace, civilian, environment, exercises, health, industrial, military, order, public, unlicensed


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