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The Legal Services Commission is to enforce clause A6.56 of the crime contract. This requires firms to ensure that solicitors and police station representatives carry an approved ID card when undertaking duty solicitor work at a police station. This contract clause is something of a nonsense since (a) it is not enforceable against an individual, (b) it is logically a nonsense given that it covers duty but not own client work at the police station, and (c) there is no legal or contractual requirement requiring the employee to produce the card in any event.

In the event that the police did question identification this can be satisfied by other methods. This is (1) a solution to a problem that does not exist, (2) a solution that is not satisfactory in any event, and (3) a disproportionate financial burden on legal aid suppliers.

CrimeLine and the undersigned call on the LSC to revert back to not enforcing this requirement. In the event that the LSC refuses CrimeLine will apply to manufacture the cards and will supply them at cost, removing the excessive profit element that exists at the present time.

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