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Europe is under threat, since months, without any government acting responsibly to end the massive surge of waves of illegal immigrants.

The majority of them are not refugees but illegal immigrants who profit from the plight of real refugees to sneak into a Europe left defenceless by aberrations like the Schengen treaty, with the help of incompetent and  complicit  politicians, foreign organisations and obedient mainstream media.

The “migrant crisis” we are sold on TV, in the press, on the internet is a gigantic propaganda campaign focusing only on sensationalism,  emotional images without any depth of analysis and partiality to force us to accept millions of illegal immigrants as if they were all refugees.

While we don’t deny there are conflicts in the Middle East,  and entire communities like Christians and Yazidis are persecuted, the vast majority of the so called “migrants” are economic “would be immigrants” abusing the lack of borders in Schengen Europe, the  weakness or complicity of EU governments and institutions, and the naivety of many European people who are willing to help.  


You should ask yourselves:

Who profit from the crisis?

Who has a vested interest in allowing millions of “migrants” in Europe?

What will the consequences for our social structures, social fabrics, economies, culture and societies?

Who finance the colossal amount of money needed for the “migrants” to pay traffickers?

Who benefits from this crisis?

Are big corporations benefiting by importing cheap and docile labour?

Are big corporations profiting to put European workers in competition with cheap labour in order to downsize wages (again)?

Are some foreign powers interested in weakening Europe by submerging it with foreign elements that will cost us billions and create social unrest and chaos in the future?

Are terrorists organisations, like the so called “islamic state” and others persecuting entire communities with the only goal to create a wave of emigration to Europe? Are they using this crisis and the weakness of Europe to sneak in thousands of fighters?

Why politicians, those elected in European countries, those unelected in Brussels are pushing so hard for us to accept millions of illegal immigrants?

Why are they also pushing so hard for us to accept hideous treaties like the TTIP?

Why are schemes like the Schengen treaty still in place after having been proved totally inefficient? What organisations, countries have an interest in destroying European societies and people?

We don’t have the answers, but we know that we should not let our democracies be undermined by private interests, corporate groups and lobbies.

The “migrant crisis” is yet another step on the political agenda of those who want to eradicate democracy and our way of life.

If we don’t anything, if we don’t say anything, they will win. We will lose everything our forebears have ever fought for.

If you want your voice to be heard, sign the petition say no to the invasion of Europe. Say no to Schengen, say yes to reinstate borders, say yes to separate the real refugees from the profiteers, say yes to repatriate the majority of “migrants”,  no more Kos, no more Calais! Say no to illegal migrants.

No more migrants!

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