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Hello, my name is Andrea Adewole. I spend much of my free time with family and that includes my dog, my working life is spent taking care of other people’s dogs/cats. I run and operate Muddy Dog Paws Pet Care Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I hear all too often from people who finds it a challenge to walk their dogs because of city life demands. Most people feel guilt that their dog does not get out as near as often as a dog should. Most owners prefer driving to a dog park to exercise and socialise their dog. However most owners do not feel their dog park is equipped properly, mainly because the water ways are deemed unsafe by the city and there is no fence to hold their beloved family member back from traffic and the list can go on.

This petition, supported by the undersigned, is directed to the City of Winnipeg Parks and Open Space Division and the City Mayor (Sam Katz) and other interested City Officials to establish , a “fenced in wading splash pad park for dogs”, where dogs are allowed to play fetch and other healthy canine activities.

We hope these people take note to the lack of dog friendly areas in our city and also the lack of safety in them. Due to contaminated waterways where owners are warned by City signs that their dog cannot enter with them due to health concerns, highways nearby that pose a threat as none of these 13 parks are enclosed. And really the lack of structure or thought that has went into creating a real dog friendly park where people feel is for them.


This petition is to give a VOICE to like minded Winnipeg residences, who feel it should be TOP priority to create at least one “Fenced in Public Splash Pad for their canine friends to enjoy during the warmer months. This petition is to give a VOICE to each person who signs, simply saying we love our dogs and do not feel safe in most designated off leash dog parks the City has made available. Do to either, being too close to traffic, contaminated water supplies, having to share with young children, and of course none of which are fenced in, where large breed dogs are knocking over smaller dogs and even children at times.. We also take note that other major cities have water fountains for humans and some for their canine friends and working washrooms. Though we would love that as well, we are more so asking for a splash pad as most dogs LOVE, love the water. And all the dog parks in Winnipeg are contaminated leaving dog owners with little to do.

Those who sign this petition feel it’s about time Winnipeg makes changes towards creating a more dog friendly space in our City.

Here is Proof of other Canadian Cities making efforts to make their Cities Dog Friendly!

Fact 1- Winnipeg has 13 dogs parks, most in which you cannot access unless you have a car and are willing to drive 1 hour to reach! Also to add the dog parks are within close proximity to oncoming traffic and most dog owners cannot attend them. And most importantly dogs love water, and all the dogs parks now contain water holes that are contaminated seas city officials. And since dogs that love water cannot be kept out, its disheartening to know there is no other options.

Fact 2- Calgary is fortunate to have 149 public off-leash areas for Calgarians and their dogs to enjoy.

Fact 3- Toronto has 51 off-leash dog parks, and 27 of these are fenced in.

Fact 4-Vancouver has 35 dog parks.

Facts about Dogs:

1. Socializing dogs is very beneficial to the community, since it makes them less afraid and more healthy all around.
2. Dogs need exercise over and above human limitations; leashes limit the dog’s space and pace
3. Most dogs love the water, and dogs that are less likely to. Show interest once they see others having fun!
4. The cardiovascular effect is great for the dog's longevity and weight control, and the overall effect makes most dogs calmer and better behaved
5. This facility would increase opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and help create a sense of community.

PROPOSAL: I am purposing that any of the old (Concrete) kiddie waiting pools that are no longer in use (just sitting vacant). Can be brought back to life with a little effort and made open again for Winnipeg Pet Owners, also adding a safe fenced in area around so the dogs cannot get hit by any cars and have a safe space to call their own, adding some tables around for their pet parents.

With this The City could create 1 or 2 new jobs as they are always looking to do. People can beceom employed for these warmer months and the City can charge a fee of $ $2 per dog to enter the doggie splash pad area. Just as in any waiting pool situation, thus creating more jobs and putting big smiles on dog owners faces.

Mission Statement:

"To establish a fenced in, off-leash dog splash park where well-behaved canine citizens can exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or themselves. To develop a beautiful, well-maintained space open to all dog lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park's rules and restrictions. To view this park as a community project, in partnership with the City of Winnipeg, designed to satisfy the needs of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike."

We, the undersigned, would appreciate your consideration in constructing an enclosed splash park for dogs in Winnipeg, Manitoba


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