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Domestic Abuse is a very large problem in North America. Peticularly against women and children. In Canada alone half of all women in the country have experinced at least one incicent of sexual or physical  violence from the age of 16. Approxamatly every 6 days a woment is killed by an intamate partner. In fact in 2014 out of 83 police reported homocides comitted by intimate partners 67 of the victims were woman. thats over 80%! 

Although police reported spousal abuse rates have been going down over the years its important to note that 70% of abuse cases go unreported. So why do people stay? Abuse rates are often much higher in areas of poverty, within minoritys, as well as after a major crisis such as a large flood or tornado. Many victims are finacialy dependant on their abuser or feel more unsafe leaving the relationship than staying in it. Many women say the violence and abuse escallated after they left the relationship. Women are 6x more likely to be killed by an ex partner than a current one and about 26% of women murdered by their spouse had previously left them. Some women stay due to the treatened saftey of thier pet. 57% of surviours had their pet killed by their abuser. 67% of women wo have suffered physical abuse will suffer from PTSD. In Canada, every night, 3,491 women and 2,724 children will sleep in shelters because it isnt safe for them at home and yet every night 300 women and children will be turned away beacuse there isnt any room left. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. If the government provided more funding for 

- More shelters

- Better and more widley avalible mental health care

-Reducing poverty 

-The creation of a program to help people get back on their feet after leaving an abusive relationship 

- Providing saftey from their abuser

then it would be alot easier and safer for victims to leave the relationship as well as improve the conditions in other issues that need to be solved such as lowering our ever growing poverty rate and providing mental heath care for everyone. 

Please help push the goverment to take action against domestic violence and make our country a safer place to live 

** All statistics were taken from 

The site also provides its long list of reputable sorces with a link attached to each fact. 

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