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The UNDRIP was drafted using already existing international law. It's nothing new. If the Canadian government has a problem fitting it into its constitution, it's because there's a problem with the constitution. 

"Indians or any of them" are entitled to the same rights and privileges according to the Royal Proclamation and our specific rights aren’t outlined there because it is not your place to define them.  Assimilation is not an option; it’s not our fault we were forced into submission. That does not equate to mutual consent, which is the only way to legally alter a treaty. Moreover, our rights are inextinguishable, so stop trying to extinguish them! It's time to start over, without exclusion of anyone for any reason.

We request that we be treated as a collective as per the original agreement that way no one will be excluded and we will all have a say when there are changes made. Reconciliation does not mean continue the abuse, it means eliminate it!

When there is no such thing as Crown Land, landless Indians, non-rights bearing Indians and the word Indians is no longer used, your task of reconciliation will be closer to complete. So say we all, the undersigned.

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