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We believe that without a dedicated location for our causes, even the smallest and most ordinary ones, nobody is really free.

For this reason we created Activism - Petition Online Canada. It is free, independent, yours and ours.

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Canadian Government, allow this family to be together!

Sasha and Patrick McGregor have been married for 4 years.  Sasha is a Canadian by birth, but is also a resident of Jamaica.  Patrick is a Jamaican citizen, and their 1st son is a dual citizen.  Patrick has never been allowed into Canada to visit his family.

Patrick is a University educated man, employed and comes from a wonderful family.  He has never had a criminal background.  Sasha is a student of Law Enforcement in Canada and pregnant with their 2nd child.  Sasha has 3 children from a previous marriage.  Patrick supports all of the children financially.  Sasha has ... continue »


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