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Petition against compulsory corporate uniforms for mental health nurses SLHD and SWSLHD


To the Honourable Minister for Health / Medical Research, Jillian Skinner and the Honourable Minister for Mental Health, Kevin Humphries

Nurses working in mental health inpatient facilities and community mental health across Sydney Local Health District and South Western Sydney Local Health District condemn any proposal for wearing a corporate uniform to be made compulsory.

There is no evidence or logic that wearing a corporate uniform in mental health will deliver safe patient care. We consider this proposal backward looking and ill-informed.

A uniform is not the most appropriate clothing for the tasks that mental health clinicians perform. Uniforms do nothing to enhance or promote an equitable relationship between nurses and their patients. Uniforms remind mental health patients that they are in an institution when available evidence clearly supports person-centred models of clinical practice.

We call upon you to oppose any compulsory requirement for mental health nurses to wear a corporate uniform.
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Ale Silvestri
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Ale Silvestri
On: 22 Jul 2012

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