Daniele Richiedei wants to:

Give Victorian Mental Health Carers a Voice

Created by Carers for Carers - an Independent Advocate by our side.
Carers of people with a mental illness have been given a job for which they are largely untrained
and have little voice. Despite 30 years of carers asking for a greater part in decision making,
carers still consistently report feeling undervalued and unheard in supporting their family member
or loved one.
The Victorian Carer Advocate provides statewide casework advocacy for carers of people with a mental
illness that is non adverserial and service neutral.. The initial project was a demonstration
project in response to the carer literature and overwhelming grassroots demand for one to one
advocacy by carers The uptake and support for the Carer Advocate has been strong from both carers
and service providers across the clinical and non government sector. The service provided a
tangible, available and cost effective means of increasing dialogue between mental health services
and carers. This demonstration period is now complete and the position will cease in December due
to lack of funding.
We seek your urgent consideration of the position, and urge you to fund an Advocate. Victorian
Carers need an advocate who can walk beside them when things get too hard. They deserve a voice.