Jackie wants to:

Justice for Simba Cat

This petition is to try and get the red tape lifted that the PDSA call policy. Let me explain.
Recently one of my cats was taken ill. He had previously been to the vet and been treated but was
warned it could come back. I have always paid my own vet bills and donated to the PDSA. On this
occasion due to a massive financial change, I wasn't in a position to. I contacted the PDSA who said
' No problem, fill in a form, pay a registration fee and that's it'. I did as they asked. Rang the
designated vet ( we don't have a PDSA here ) they had chosen. Told them I was going to bring the
form in and could I bring the cat in too as he was very poorly. I was told no. When asked why I was
informed that the registration takes 6 weeks to go through ( they don't mention this on their
website ) I informed them the cat could die if not seen asap. Still a no. Rang the PDSA back and
explained about the cat. 'No, it's policy that it takes 6 weeks'. I find this unbelievable. No one
is going to register the animal when they are well, they normally don't need the help until the
animal is sick. Having never used a charity before I had no idea about this. I was breaking my heart
on the phone to the PDSA, they still refused to budge. I ended up having to take the cat to my own
vet who operated right away but sadly he died. This policy is all well and good but in cases like
mine where it is life or death situation then surely each case should be assessed on it's own merit
so another animal and owner doesn't have to go through the stress and heartbreak that I did that day
and Simba Cat. He was only 20 months old. Please sign and share this petition so we can get this
policy changed.