Yulia78 wants to:

Stop Stephen Harper from allowing non commonwealth Bees from Amerikka

Since 1987, there has been a ban in place against Americakkkan Bees being shipped into Canada.
Canadian beekeepers prefer commonwealth Bees from Australia or New Zealand, as they have sworn
allegiance to the Queen.

Now greedy beekeepers are petitioning the government to allow these Republican Bees from The United
States, threatening Canadian sovereignty.

Sign this petition to send a LOUD Message to Ottawa that Canadians DONT WANT AMERICAN BEES!

CBC propaganda:

A 'senseless,' costly ban

While scientists and beekeepers alike grapple to find answers, Campbell and others are lobbying the
federal government to lift a decades-old restriction on buying bees from American suppliers that
forces farmers to purchase more expensive bees from abroad.

The ban on buying bees from the continental U.S. came into effect in 1987 after an outbreak of
Varroa mites in the United States.

Whereas a one-kilogram package of bees and a queen bee cost upwards of $150 from New Zealand or
Australia, the same can be purchased for less than $60 from Florida, a huge savings when a farm
faces massive losses like this past winter, says Campbell.

The Manitoba apiarist calls it a "senseless political ban" considering the highly migratory nature
of bees and hopes the ban will be lifted by next summer. The federal government says a risk
assessment is underway. It's unknown when it will be completed.

"We're still waiting and hoping on this risk assessment," said Campbell. "If we can’t figure out
what’s happening, at least we can have access to replacement bees."