sylwia wants to:

Allow Detroit Hip Hop Artist 'DANNY BROWN' into Canada to Perform.

This is a petition to the Canadian Customs/Government to allow Danny Brown, culturally-significant
hip-hop artist from Detroit, MI into the country to perform. He has been denied entry both before
AND after filing AND PAYING FOR all necessary paperwork for such.

Danny Brown is of significant cultural importance within the music community, and has many, many
fans of his work in this country. He is not a significant threat to the security of our nation, and
i feel that his entry denial is unfair, biased, and potentially racially motivated.

The Harper Government has continually been fighting a war on the arts in Canada, and has been
taking significant steps to make it increasingly harder for American/International artists to
perform for their Canadian fans. Please sign this petition and send a message to the powers that be
that we will not stand idly by while our country continues to deny significant artists entry
into our country.

As Canadians, we know we are welcoming of all cultures, and our tastes and interests span vast
swaths of the cultural zeitgeist. We no longer want our country to be known for its difficulty and
red-tape when it comes to allowing international artists in our country, and i personally fear such
instances will only lead to frustration and the eventual abandonment of Canada as a viable touring
option for artists we respect, admire, and enjoy.