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Save Kensington Market!


Kensington Market is a unique and irreplaceable part of Toronto: a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood, it has been designated a national heritage site and is a well-loved destination for Torontonians and visitors. Throughout its history, the backbone of the market has always been the small independent stores, especially the purveyors of raw food—fruit stands, dry goods, fishmongers, butchers and groceries. Without raw food, the delicate balance within the neighbourhood will tip towards noisy bars and restaurants and the area's uniqueness will be lost, along with its safety, and livability. Kensington Market is too important to leave its future to developers. Let the community have its say!

We the undersigned hereby ask that;

1) Tribute Communities and the City of Toronto will consult with the Kensington community of residents and business-owners before signing any retail operator as a tenant at 297 College St.   

2) No major grocery retailers will lease space at 297 College Street.

3) The City of Toronto will defend the Kensington Market area against unregulated development by creating a plan that allows it to grow and change while protecting the independent merchants who are responsible for its enduring character and success.

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On: 13 Feb 2013

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