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Fiona Doyle (nee O'Brien) suffered 10 years of childhood rape and sexual abuse, from the age of 7. The abuse she endured was at the mercy of her own father, Patrick O'Brien. Today, she has suffered yet again, as Justice Paul Carney let her father walk free from the courts after imposing a 12 year sentence with 9yrs suspended and 3years on bail pending appeal.

It is only right that Fiona be shown that she has the support of fellow citizens who are shocked, dismayed and disappointed in the leniency of the sentencing. The aim of the petition is to afford Fiona the respect and care she greatly deserves. Fiona is a brave woman who has survived the abuse inflicted upon her, she is courageous and a marvellous example to other victims of sexual crimes in standing up for herself and bringing the acts of this evil man to the public eye.

An injustice has been served to Fiona today regarding the leniency of the sentence imposed. Let us unite together and be heard in our outrage on her behalf.

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On: 22 Jan 2013

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