Jessica wants to:

No Incresae for Nfld Power

Will never understand why Nfld Power is our only supplier of electriticy....Monoply is not good for
customers,remember when Avalon Telephone was our only telephone supplier,prices were unreal...this
is 2013 folks,we've had storms and wind in the past,Nfld weather is not going to change and neither
is Nfld Power(the only change they want is a increase in profits such as next year $42,000,000.00
and... 2014 $44,000,000.00) ...they need to be held accountable for the power they supply and what
we pay for,we expect better Nfld Power than what you supply.I just hope that Andy Wells and his
P.U.B. stopped the 7.5 increase they are looking for.How can you ask for a a increase when at the
peak of the need for electricity, YOU FAILED!!!!