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Honor The Contract Of Enlistment Signed By The Veteran, Often In Blood, Between That Individual & The United States Government


We, Veterans that have served with unquestionable loyalty and patriotism, our families and supporters, want the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, DC, many that NEVER served our great Nation in the militarymany during the Vietnam War that went out of their way to avoid serving, to STOP the pillaging and plundering of EARNED ENTITLEMENTS, BENEFITS, PROMISES, or whatever you wish to call what we EARNED AFTER OUR MILITARY SERVICE. We further DEMAND that when these same politicians and bureaucrats refer to these ENTITLEMENTS, BENEFITS, PROMISES or whatever you wish to call them, IMMEDIATELY STOP INSULTING US BY CHARACTERIZING THESE AS FREE. Veterans get NOTHING FOR FREE and the ENTITLEMENTS, BENEFITS and PROMISES are in the form of a signed contract, often with the blood of the Veteran, by the Veteran and the Government Of The United States. We kept our end of the contract by writing a BLANK CHECK to this NATION, up to and including our lives if need be, now it is time for ALL politicians and bureaucrats live up to their end of that sacred contract!

Joe Tarnovsky

Vietnam Combat Veteran

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On: 05 Dec 2012

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