This petition is to urge Sou" />

This petition is to urge Sou" />

This petition is to urge Sou" />

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Save Southern Electric museum of Electricity


Southern Electric's museum of electricity is set to close indefinitely; "An independent review found that the Bargates museum, set in an Edwardian power station, does not fulfil its visitor needs and has restricted disabled access." (Bournemouth Daily Echo)

This petition is to urge Southern Electric to reconsider their decision to close the museum by exploring other avenues to keep it open.


Local residents often complain that there is a lack of all-weather activities suitable for all age groups in the local area; this describes the museum of electricity perfectly, therefore it makes little sense to close it.   The museum had offered a valuable resource to schools, colleges, interested individuals or anyone looking for an interesting way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Admission was free to all visitors which increased the appeal of the attraction to even the least well off families.

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On: 03 Dec 2012

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